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The Coffeys are currently in language school learning the Xhosa language. The served for two terms in Peru, South America before returning to the States in 2005 to help plant Vision Baptist Church.

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Coffey Family November 2019 Prayer Letter

This past week, our teen discipleship meeting went in a different direction.  As we were starting our study, 3 men came into the home of the church members where we have been meeting and robbed us at gunpoint.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, but they did get away with my MacBook and iPhone along with […]

Christmas Camp Sponsors

In our last prayer letter, I mentioned needing sponsors for our next big teen camp in December. Some requested more info, so here you go: We are planning for 100 campers for what we’ve referred to as our Christmas Camp which will go from December 10th-13th. While you hopefully will be enjoying a cool and […]

Coffey Family October 2019 Prayer Letter

My heart is full, and ideas are flowing after the incredible medical clinic we had with Bradley Edmondson and his wonderful team with Medical Missions Outreach.  I can’t explain in enough words how much of a blessing they were during their stay.   We saw over 2,000 patients come through the clinic and hear the […]

Coffey Family September 2019 Prayer Letter

Prayer request and Praise We started a new teen Sunday school class for 13 to 15-year-olds at New Life Baptist Church because of recent growth.  Our classes are growing and we had another teen trust Christ this past week.  Camp Rhino is really helping us attract more teens. Our Bible Institutes and Bible College classes are […]


Update on constructionPosted by Mark Coffey on Monday, August 19, 2019

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Bionic Ear – Quick Update

My wife Amy’s surgery appears to have gone very well.  We won’t know for sure until 3 months have passed, but her hearing seems to be returning.  I actually feel like she has bionic hearing now.  We were so used to having to talk louder before the surgery, we get accused of screaming now:)   […]

Coffey Family August 2019 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests & Praise We just finished up our summer missions trip season with our last church leaving this past Friday, which happened to be our home church, Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA.  What a wonderful summer we had with the 4 teams that visited.    We would love to have you visit us […]

Coffey Family July 2019 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests & Praise   We praise the Lord for the 10 teenagers who made professions of faith this past week at Camp Rhino.  Pastor Gary Bohman and Pastor Chase Rooks from Gospel Light Baptist Church in Helena, AL did a tremendous job preaching for us.  Our mission team from Gospel Light aided in our […]

Coffey Family June 2019 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests and Praise Please be in prayer for my wife Amy.  She has lost about 50% of her hearing over the last couple of months.  This week we found out the cause and the solution of her hearing loss.  Amy needs to have surgery on both ears.  If the surgery is successful she would […]

Coffey Family May 2019 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests & Praise   Please be in prayer for my son Tyler.  He is finishing up his missionary training degree at the Our Generation Training Center in Alpharetta, GA.  His last step is a 6 month internship in Argentina, with Missionaries Patrick and Leslie Henry.  If you are interested in helping my son, any […]