Coffey Family May 2024 Prayer Letter

Our time in the  States was fruitful, but we are very glad to be back in South Africa.  This past weekend Camp Rhino hosted its first ladies’ retreat with all the churches and it went great.  The guys here at camp took over the cooking duties for once to make sure our ladies were well-fed. 

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Last week Amy and I were able to travel to Mozambique to see how the Clower family is adjusting to Africa.  We were encouraged to see the advances that Jacob & Christen had already made in their short few weeks on the field.  I believe the Lord will use this family in a great way.  Please pray for them and Mozambique.  We need more laborers for this country. 

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We have our Winter Teen and Junior camps coming up in June.  Pray the Lord does a special work in the hearts of the young people.  Also, pray he uses our counselors in a great way.  

One need I’d like to mention is a 15-passenger van. With our camp and youth home, transportation is becoming a bigger issue.  Would you pray we can raise the $25,000 for this needed vehicle?

Prayer Requests & Praise

  • This past month Camp Rhino held two events without my wife and I being in the country for the first time.  We are thankful for our team that did a tremendous job in our absence.  We were very encouraged to see Camp Rhino operate without us on campus. 
  • We had almost 200 people come out for our soccer and netball tournaments.  We’re looking to have many more evangelistic events like this in the future.  
  • Camp Rhino hosted a separate camp for our Christian school for the first time this past month. 
  • Please be in prayer for Graham & Olivia Young, missionaries to Nigeria.  They are close to having their first baby, Lyla Jane, very soon.  Once they have the baby they will be heading back to Nigeria.  Pray everything goes smoothly.

Quick Updates & Needs

  • Lighthouse Baptist Church has been joining Fellowship Baptist Church during the midweek services in May for a family conference.  We’ve enjoyed being with Missionaries Josh and Meagan Sullivan and seeing the growth of their church.  It’s also encouraged more of our people to be involved in the midweek services.   
  • Pray for New Life Baptist Church and Pastor Sipho.  Our first church was affected during Covid and Pastor Sipho is pretty much restarting this church.  We’re praying that many will return and many will come to Christ. 
  • We are still raising funds to enlarge our dorm space at Camp Rhino.  We have decided we need 2 more girl dorms and 2 more boy dorms.  This should set us up for a few years to come.  The new dorms will cost about $20,000. 

My daughter Emilee has passed the halfway mark on her 6-month internship in Argentina. Please continue to pray for her.

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Coffey Family April 2024 Prayer Letter

Our time in the States has been nonstop.  From Sunday to Sunday this past week I preached in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas, not to mention my upcoming opportunities in GA, NC, and Rhode Island before I head back to Africa on April 30th.  Please pray that our remaining meetings and the VBM Annual Orientation go well.  We look forward to being with our new missionaries at The Wilds in NC. 

Two of our Africa missionary families have arrived on the field in the past two weeks.  The Clowers and Wilkersons, both missionaries to Mozambique are in Africa.  The Clowers are setting up in Mozambique, while the Wilkersons are setting up in South Africa for now.  Please continue to pray for little Alainey Wilkerson as she gets set up with the doctors in South Africa.  The Wilkersons are hoping they too can make their move to Mozambique within the next two years, but for now, they are working in South Africa until Alainey’s health improves to the point where they can move. 

Prayer Requests & Praise

  • We have a big soccer and netball tournament set up at Camp Rhino next weekend.  Teams are coming from our churches and many lost will be in attendance.  Pray they believe on Jesus. 
  • Be in prayer for Tim & Jessica Johnson as they have started their deputation for South Africa.  They would be a great family to add as partners in the ministry if you’re able to have them in. 
  • Please be in prayer for Jacob and Christien Clower as they landed in Mozambique last week.  They are there without the help of any veteran missionary.  I know they will do great, but they will be facing a lot of new challenges in the coming days. 
  • We have a very special prayer request for one of the South African pastors.  Mxolisi Dama has been very sick the past few weeks and was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis.  I heard today he is doing better and as of right now it doesn’t appear to be fatal, but he will have a long road of recovery ahead. 

Quick Updates & Needs

  • We have an upcoming camp this month with the students and staff of Bay Baptist Academy.  
  • We still need around $10,000 for the new property and building for Bay Baptist Bible College.  We’re moving the Bible college to town to make it more centrally located for our students, and pastors and missionaries who teach all the classes. This will help pay off the debt on the original purchase and prepare the building for classes in September. 
  • Pray for funds to enlarge our dorm space at Camp Rhino.  We have decided we need 2 more girl dorms and 2 more boy dorms.  This should set us up for a few years to come.  The new dorms will cost about $20,000. 
  • Our Son Luke and his wife Adri are expecting our first grandchild in October, and it’s a boy. To say we’re excited is an understatement.

Coffey Family March 2024 Prayer Letter

A month ago, the principal from Rocklands High School contacted me concerning renting out the camp for his senior class.  This school rented our camp for 2 weeks in October this past year, so I wasn’t expecting to hear from him so soon.  He shared that their current seniors are behind starting the year and he wants to go ahead and rent our space for a month immediately.  (The SA school year goes from Jan-Dec.) Within 4 days we had 84 new public high school seniors on campus for 27 straight days.  This allowed us to have a service with them every night they were here.  During this time 16 teens trusted Christ and many committed to coming to church.  We are grateful for this opportunity and amazed to see the doors the Lord has opened for us to reach teens for Christ through the ministry of Camp Rhino.   

These same students plan to return for another month in October and November to prepare for their graduating exams so please be praying that more believe on Jesus.  

Prayer Requests & Praise

  • 16 teens and one young single trusted Christ as Savior this past month at Camp Rhino. 
  • We have 19 students taking Bible College classes this semester at Bay Baptist Bible College. Please pray for them as they prepare for ministry. Additionally, pray that we can see more churches started from the investment made in these young people. 
  • Forty young adults from our team of churches attended our first overnight adult camp this month. Pastor Ryan Hayden from Mattoon, IL, served as our guest preacher. We are on track for this to be the first year of having a full schedule of activities at Camp Rhino.  
  • Please pray for Jacob and Christien Clower, missionaries to Mozambique. They are awaiting important paperwork from the State Department to proceed with their visas. They are looking forward to being on the field very soon. 
  • Also please pray for our Ladies’ camp coming up in May for all of our churches.  This will be our first at Camp Rhino and the ladies are looking very forward to it.

Quick Updates & Needs

  • We are traveling back to the States this weekend for 5 weeks to be a part of our annual orientation for Visions Baptist Missions and to present our ministry in new churches.  I will also be reporting back to a few supporting churches as well.  I have a couple of openings available if you would like me to come by your church.  
  • We still need $14,000 for the new property and building for Bay Baptist Bible College.  We’re moving the Bible college to town to make it more centrally located for our students and for our pastors and missionaries who teach all the classes. This will help pay off the debt on the original purchase and prepare the building for classes in September.

Please continue to pray for my daughter Emilee during her internship in Argentina. I’m grateful she has this opportunity to learn under the Patrick Henry family.

Coffey Family February 2024 Prayer Letter

Next week marks the beginning of a new academic year at our Bible College, and we are thrilled to share some exciting news. Bay Baptist Bible College is expanding its presence with the opening of a new branch, conveniently located near our city center. To make this vision a reality, we seek your support in raising $32,000 within the next 40 days for the purchase of the new property and buildings.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated and needed. The new branch is situated just a street away from our Christian School, offering a more central and accessible location for both our students and pastors. This strategic move allows us to enhance convenience compared to our current Camp Rhino campus on the outskirts of town. While our facilities at Camp Rhino will continue to serve various purposes, the primary campus is shifting to a more centralized location in town. Your partnership in this move is needed, and we appreciate your support in making our vision a reality.

Prayer Requests & Praise

  • 11 teens made professions of faith during Teen Camp last month. Thank you so much for praying and for donating.
  • Please pray for our Bible College students who start classes on February 12th.
  • Please also pray for missionaries Kevin & Corli Hall, who are the pioneer missionaries working here in South Africa. They are currently serving at Kuyga Baptist Church, and Kevin also heads up the Bible College ministry. Additionally, he is cursed to be my first cousin:)
  • Pray also for missionaries Noah & Tristan Wilkerson. It appears that they will be coming to South Africa for their first two years on the field for training and to allow their baby Alainey to gain more strength before heading to Mozambique. The healthcare in South Africa is much better suited to handle Alainey’s needs, and this arrangement will also allow the Wilkersons to stay connected to Mozambique, which is a neighboring country. They hope to arrive here in April.

Quick Updates & Needs

  • Our summer camp season was a great success at Camp Rhino. Thirty-three young people came to know Christ, and we experienced the best turnout from our church members volunteering as counselors during our camps. The year 2024 is anticipated to be our best at Camp Rhino yet, marking the first time we have an event booked every month since the inception of the camp.
  • Our daughter, Emilee, left this past week for the States and will be traveling to Argentina in just a few days to start her six-month internship. It was fantastic having her here for six weeks, and we look forward to her time in South America. Please continue to pray for her during this period.

Coffey Family January 2024 Prayer Letter

Happy New Year from our family to yours.  We can’t thank you enough for your prayers and financial support that enables us to be here in South Africa.  We are very privileged. 

The four adults pictured above with Amy and I were baptized in December. Seeing them take the next step of obedience made for a terrific day at Lighthouse Baptist Church.  We’re praying during this new year we will see many more trust Christ and make a public profession as these did. 

We were thankful to have Tim and Jessica Johnson from Southside Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN here on their survey trip.  Tim was also the main speaker during our Junior Camp and the Lord used him.  Pray for this dear family as they start deputation this coming March. 

As the Africa Field Director, I travel back to the States every year to teach at our Missions annual orientation.  I will be back March & April for this trip and if you would like me to come by your church please let me know. I’ll be reporting back to churches and working to raise extra support that will help with Camp Rhino and the Rhino Youth Home expenses.

Prayer Request & Praise

  • 22 Juniors made professions of faith during Junior camp last month.  Thank you so much for praying and for donating. 
  • We had our greatest turnout of counselors from our fellowship of churches.  The next few years look very bright with many more of our young people wanting to be a part of the camp ministry.    
  • Pray as we have Teen Camp the 2nd week of January.  We’re praying for souls to be saved and for at least 5 young people to surrender to ministry and start Bible College.
  • Pray for our missionaries in Nigeria, Graham and Olivia Young.   They started their furlough earlier than expected after finding out they were expecting their first baby.  We’re excited about this news and just ask you to pray as Olivia is a Type 1 Diabetic which makes her pregnancy more high-risk.   
  • Missionaries Jacob and Christen Clower plan to land in Mozambique this month but are being held up with their invitation letter.  Pray this comes through soon.  They were expected to have it long before now.

Quick Updates

  • Our daughter Emilee arrived a couple of weeks ago and it has been great having her here before she starts her internship in Argentina in February.  Thanks again to all those who gave to help her.  
  • January 9-12 are the dates for our Teen Camp and we are still seeking a sponsor for each of our campers, with the cost of the camp approximately $50 per person. We had 88 campers for Junior camp and are expecting around 100 during our teen camp. Many gave to cover about 50 campers so far.  We can still use your help. Donate through PayPal or through Vision Baptist Missions.

Coffey Family December 2023 Prayer Letter

We’re entering Summer time here in South Africa.  Things start to slow down in the country with many people traveling back to their homelands and businesses shutting down for the holiday season.  During this time we usually see a reduction in church attendance but are praying we reach new people who have no place to go for the holidays. 

The country may be slowing down but the ministry isn’t.  December is the start of our summer camps at Camp Rhino.

New things are being added now for camp this year including 3 new large mud pits that will add in new competitions.  It will be a muddy time for sure. We’re also introducing a new (rented) giant water slide for our swimming pool.  I believe the kids will be amazed as they drive onto our property in a few days.  

Pray as we seek to impact these young people through the preaching and teaching of God’s word.  Pray for our counselors as they mentor their cabins.  They are the key to a successful week of camp.   

Prayer Request & Praise

  • Pray for our son Chase and his wife Ashley as they are working to get back to South Africa.  They are having visa issues and are anxiously wanting to return to continue their language school studies.  
  • Several from Rocklands High School trusted Christ during their 15 days at Camp Rhino.  Pray as we work to minister to these students and be praying for the Senior class that plans to be at Camp Rhino next year for 30 days preparing for their final exams.   
  • We have three adults planning to be baptized this Sunday at Lighthouse Baptist Church.  Pray as we want to see spiritual and physical growth in all the churches we work with. 
  • Pray for Nate and Emilee Wilkerson who are heading to Benin, West Africa in January. They are the first missionaries with our mission board to enter this needy country.  We are looking forward to new territory opening up to the Gospel. 
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Quick Update

  • December 12-14 marks our summer junior camp, and our summer teen camp is scheduled for January 9-12. We are seeking a sponsor for each of our campers, with the cost of the camp approximately $50 per person. We anticipate having over 200 campers during our two camps, which will amount to a total cost of around $5000. Your help is very much appreciated.  
  • My daughter Emilee, has raised all the funds for her upcoming 6-month internship in Argentina. This internship is the final step in her bachelor’s degree from the Our Generation Training Center. I want to thank everyone who has prayed and given to help make this trip possible. Please continue to pray as she heads to Argentina in February.
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Sponsor a child for camp through PayPal.

Sponsor a child for camp through Vision Baptist Missions.

Summer Junior & Teen Camps Starting

We look forward to this year’s summer camps at Camp Rhino starting in just a few weeks. We are privileged to have Tim Johnson from Southside Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN preaching for us during Junior Camp.

Pray we don’t hinder the Lord from working in a big way this summer.

If you would be interested in sponsoring one of our 200+ campers at $50 a piece go to one of the following links:

To give online through our board Vision Baptist Church to:
via PayPal at

Coffey Family November 2023 Prayer Letter

Fifty high school seniors from a local public high school are currently residing at Camp Rhino, which has been rented out by the high school for 15 days. Their daily schedule is packed with classes and study sessions in preparation for their final exams. As part of the agreement to rent our property, we have been given the privilege of daily chapel services with the students.

This arrangement serves as a test run to gauge our interest in future collaborations with schools, and so far, it has exceeded our expectations. Just today, four young people responded to the invitation for salvation.

Our team of dedicated pastors and missionaries is deeply appreciative of the opportunity to minister to these young minds daily. For many of these teenagers, this may be the first time they have heard a clear presentation of the Gospel, as they have grown up surrounded by religion but have not been exposed to the true message of the Gospel.

Prayer Requests & Praise

  • Pray for our son Luke and his new bride Adri.  We had a great time being back in the States for their wedding and look forward to seeing how the Lord uses them as they continue in Bible college and prepare for full-time ministry. 
  • We just had a group here with Evangelist Ethan LeCroy and his M.I.T. Team.  During their mission trip, we saw over 20 people make professions of faith.  We believe some from the group will give their lives to full-time missions, and we’re praying for those who trusted Christ to grow in their new faith.  
  • Please pray for my daughter Emilee, who is raising funds for her upcoming 6-month internship in Argentina. This internship is the final step in her bachelor’s degree from the Our Generation Training Center, she’s set to leave in February. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated as she prepares for this trip.

Quick Updates & Needs

  • During our mini junior camp in October, we had 14 campers trust Christ as their Savior. 
  • December 11-14 is our summer junior camp and our summer teen camp is January 9-12.  We need a sponsor for each of our campers.  The cost of the camp is approx. $50 per person. If you are interested in helping please let me know.  
  • Missionary Lynette Osborn with BIMI has arrived after raising her full support and we’ve already seen her impact in the Rhino Youth Home and Camp Rhino ministries. We are very thankful God sent her our way.  
  • It looks like we will be adding a 14-year-old girl in December to our youth home.  Pray for wisdom as we manage this growth.

Coffey Family September 2023 Prayer Letter

As we work to expand our churches and equip young men and women for ministry, our hearts remain deeply burdened by the call of world evangelism. We are genuinely committed to actively spreading the Gospel to the world in our generation.  

Over the past year, we have witnessed a significant number of individuals expressing a strong desire to become more involved in foreign missions, particularly after their time in South Africa. Through visits from mission teams and short-term interns, God has graciously opened their eyes to the pressing needs of our world. We firmly believe that many of these individuals will answer the call to serve on the mission field full-time in the years ahead. 

Our sincere hope is to welcome more groups to come and witness firsthand the work the Lord is accomplishing here. We anticipate that their visit may ignite a fire within them, inspiring a greater commitment to spreading the Gospel in our generation. Please join us in prayer as we expand our internship opportunities and prepare to host several groups in the upcoming year. Our heartfelt plea is for God to raise up an army of dedicated laborers while there is still time.

As these visitors explore our churches, youth homes, camp ministry, and schools, we pray that they depart with an unwavering passion for reaching the lost, unlike anything they have ever experienced before.

Prayer Request & Praise

  • Pray as Amy, Addison, & I head back to the States for my son Luke’s wedding.  Amy left yesterday to be at a pre-wedding “shower” but Addi and I don’t leave until September 11th.  Pray for us as we try to survive without Amy:)
  • Please be praying for Jacob & Christian Clower as they finish up their last few months of support raising.  Their planned arrival in Mozambique is set for January, and I look forward to seeing the work the Lord has planned for them in this needy country.  
  • Please pray for my daughter Emilee, who is raising funds for her upcoming 6-month internship in Argentina. This internship is the final step in her bachelor’s degree from the Our Generation Training Center, and she’s set to leave in February. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated as she prepares for this trip.

Quick Updates & Needs

  • My son Luke & his fiancee Adri marry on September 24th. 
  • Missionary Lynette Osborn arrives on September 8th to help full-time here at Camp Rhino.  We are looking forward to having her here. We believe she will be a great addition to the Project South Africa team.
  • As our youth home continues to expand, the need for improved transportation becomes increasingly evident. Pray as we work to meet this need.

Our Africa Team is Growing- Josh & Morgan Barton

I want to present to you Josh and Morgan Barton from Southside Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN.

Josh & Morgan just recently started raising support to be missionaries to the country of Mozambique. We were privileged to have Josh and Morgan do an internship in South Africa for three months earlier this year. They did a great job diving into ministry and making a positive impact on our people. While their time here, they also discovered they are expecting twins

The Bartons are on their way to one of the neediest countries in Africa. Mozambique has very few missionaries for the 32 million people that live there. We’re praying for the Bartons to raise their support quickly so they can begin learning the Portuguese language.

Would you pray for the Bartons as they travel? I can imagine that travel is a little more complicated when you’re expecting twins. Pray for especially for Morgan and her twins on the way (btw it’s a boy and a girl).

If you’re interested in having the Barton’s present their ministry you can contact Josh at 856-314-3293 or via email at