Coffey Family February 2024 Prayer Letter

Next week marks the beginning of a new academic year at our Bible College, and we are thrilled to share some exciting news. Bay Baptist Bible College is expanding its presence with the opening of a new branch, conveniently located near our city center. To make this vision a reality, we seek your support in raising $32,000 within the next 40 days for the purchase of the new property and buildings.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated and needed. The new branch is situated just a street away from our Christian School, offering a more central and accessible location for both our students and pastors. This strategic move allows us to enhance convenience compared to our current Camp Rhino campus on the outskirts of town. While our facilities at Camp Rhino will continue to serve various purposes, the primary campus is shifting to a more centralized location in town. Your partnership in this move is needed, and we appreciate your support in making our vision a reality.

Prayer Requests & Praise

  • 11 teens made professions of faith during Teen Camp last month. Thank you so much for praying and for donating.
  • Please pray for our Bible College students who start classes on February 12th.
  • Please also pray for missionaries Kevin & Corli Hall, who are the pioneer missionaries working here in South Africa. They are currently serving at Kuyga Baptist Church, and Kevin also heads up the Bible College ministry. Additionally, he is cursed to be my first cousin:)
  • Pray also for missionaries Noah & Tristan Wilkerson. It appears that they will be coming to South Africa for their first two years on the field for training and to allow their baby Alainey to gain more strength before heading to Mozambique. The healthcare in South Africa is much better suited to handle Alainey’s needs, and this arrangement will also allow the Wilkersons to stay connected to Mozambique, which is a neighboring country. They hope to arrive here in April.

Quick Updates & Needs

  • Our summer camp season was a great success at Camp Rhino. Thirty-three young people came to know Christ, and we experienced the best turnout from our church members volunteering as counselors during our camps. The year 2024 is anticipated to be our best at Camp Rhino yet, marking the first time we have an event booked every month since the inception of the camp.
  • Our daughter, Emilee, left this past week for the States and will be traveling to Argentina in just a few days to start her six-month internship. It was fantastic having her here for six weeks, and we look forward to her time in South America. Please continue to pray for her during this period.

Coffey Family November 2022 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests  & Praise

  • My friend Khaya trusted Christ as his Savior this past month. I’ve been having a weekly Bible study at his home for almost 2 months.  His two boys and their friends are also attending and we’re praying for many others to believe in Jesus. Khaya also brought 20 people with him to church this past Sunday.
  • Lighthouse Baptist Church had a high attendance of 72 this past week.  This was just a normal Sunday so we were very encouraged to see the growth.  Pray that more will be saved.  
  • Junior camps at Camp Rhino start on December 12th. Pray as we plan to have over 150 campers between the girls’ and boys’ camps.  Because of space, we have to split the boys into 2 different camps.  
Khaya is on the far right.
All chairs and benches full at Lighthouse

Quick Update

New Support Address | Vision Baptist Missions Has Moved! Praise The Lord!

Vision Baptist Missions, Inc. and the Our Generation Training Center have been praying for God to provide space for the ministry to expand. In February 2022, through the giving of many generous individuals and churches, God provided an excellent property in Dawsonville, Georgia with several buildings. We are very excited about the property the Lord has given us and the opportunities to expand into the future. We are so thankful for how the Lord has blessed our mission. One thing that also comes with this blessing is a new mailing and support address. Please begin sending all mail and support to the following: 

Vision Baptist Missions

P.O. Box 647

Dawsonville, GA 30534

Happy Thanksgiving from the Coffey Family. 

You may not be reading this on Thanksgiving, but this is the day I’m writing it:). It’s because of your prayers and support that we are able to do what God has called us to do.  Thank you all for being such a great blessing. 

We praise the Lord that all the money came in to purchase the property for the Bay Baptist High School. We even had a little extra that will help with renovations.  Thank you all for praying and for giving.

There will be a group of young singles arriving at the end of December to help with teen camps in January from Hope Baptist Church in Fairfield, OH.  We are also having a young couple arrive on December 1st for 3 months to help at Camp Rhino.  They are using this trip to see if the Lord may want them on the mission field long term.  

If you or anyone you know would also be interested in a short or long-term internship, please just let me know.

Africa Youth Home & Short Trip back to the States

For the month of April, I will be back in the States for our mission board’s annual orientation. I’m looking forward to being with all our Vision Baptist Mission’s missionaries on deputation and on furlough. Pray the Lord blesses this time.

I’m also using this time to present the ministry of the new Africa Youth Home in churches. If you would like to have me back in to report and update your church on the Youth Home, please just let me know. I still have a few dates available, but we will head back to South Africa on April 26th, Lord willing.

Several have reached out to me concerning gifts their church has already given or committed to give for the Africa Youth Home. As soon as I have a total, I’ll let you know. I am praying for 100 churches to commit $1000 by the end of April to make this Home a reality. We are trying to raise $113,000 in total with over $10,000 already being promised.

Would you consider being a part of helping us impact these young people?

Thank you for your prayers and thank you for partnering with us to impact South Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Coffey Family November 2020 Prayer Letter

We’re Home!

This past month we received notice that because of the type of South Africa Visa we possess, we were now allowed to return to South Africa.

We secured our plane tickets and took off from the Atlanta airport on November 3rd around 9 pm. We landed in Cape Town, South Africa on November 5th around 1 pm after a 12-hour layover in the London airport. Pastor Mvume met us in Cape Town with my vehicle, and we drove the 8 hours back to Camp Rhino.

Thank you all so much for your prayers. We are so glad to be back home.

We attended services at New Life Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Church this past Sunday. Things are going well there and we were very encouraged to see that several people stepped up to fill in the gaps that we left back in April.

Please pray for wisdom in our next step. We want to start another church but are not sure about the location or the timing. In the meantime, we will continue working to strengthen our existing churches.

Prayer Request & Praise

  • Travel Expenses- We are very grateful for the $1000 that was given towards the cost of getting back to South Africa.
  • Wisdom concerning Junior and Teen Camps in December and January at Camp Rhino. Covid is still a major worry here. We want to figure out the best way to hold camps without stirring up too much trouble with the government.
  • Please pray for our missionaries that are serving in Africa with Vision Baptist Missions who are currently raising monthly support. We need many more laborers for a continent of over 1.3 billion people.
  1. Graham & Olivia Young – Nigeria- The Young’s have just started their deputation and are at 15% of their needed monthly support. We need many more laborers for a continent of over 1.3 billion people.
  2. Nate, Emily, & Azariah Wilkerson- West Africa- The Wilkerson’s have been on deputation for a little over a year now and have over 80% of their support.

Quick Updates

  • Our 4th church plant has officially started. There has been great interest from the community despite the Covid concerns.
  • $5,000 has been given that can help toward the $15,000 to finish the new boy’s dorms for Camp Rhino. This will enable us to have a capacity for at least 120 campers and counselors.
  • We need donors for our camps this year. This cost is about $55 per camper. We are trying to raise 120 sponsors for Teen Camp and 75 for Junior Camp.

$1000 at a time

Last night, one of our supporters, Mt Zion Baptist Church in Danielsville, GA with Pastor Duncan, voted to give $1000 for Camp Rhino.  That’s 3 churches since last weekend to give $1000 a piece to help buy property to start this new camp ministry.  This gift takes us over $74,000 that has been given or committed.  God continues to bless and more and more people are getting involved.

On Saturday, Amy was privileged to teach for a ladies conference hosted by Believers Baptist Church in Griffin, GA, and I was able to preach their Sunday AM service.  Pastor Victor Edmonds and his people were a great blessing.