Coffey Family July 2024 Prayer Letter

I want to thank you all for praying and reaching out after Camp Rhino flooded last month.  We’re so thankful for the encouraging words and gifts that we received.  What a tremendous blessing you all are.  

Camp Rhino was flooded less than two weeks before the start of our winter camps, but with the help of many friends and family, we were able to get the campus ready in time.  

Thankfully, our house bore the brunt of the flood, sparing much of the camp from severe damage. While there was significant cleanup and repairs to be done, everything quickly returned to normal. In fact, many have remarked that the camp looks better than ever. We are immensely grateful for all the help we received. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers, contract workers, and our dedicated staff, Camp Rhino made a swift recovery.

The damage to our house is quite extensive and will require significant time to repair. Fortunately, we have insurance and expect to learn this week how much will be covered. We are using this opportunity to update our home, finding a silver lining in the situation. My wife is coping well, especially with the prospect of getting her new kitchen, which has certainly lifted her spirits:)

Prayer Requests & Praise

  • This winter camp season, we had an incredible group of young people serving as camp counselors and workers. Representing eight churches from Port Elizabeth, these individuals are a testament to the spiritual growth and maturity happening in our churches. Please pray for our ministry, as we strive to inspire more people to dedicate their lives to establishing Bible-preaching churches throughout South Africa.  
  • During our Teen & Junior camps, we saw 24 young people saved, 9 gain assurance of their salvation, 2 rededicate their lives to the Lord, and 1 surrender to full-time ministry. Thank you for praying.  
  • Noah Haught, who has been serving as an intern helping with Camp Rhino and the Rhino Youth Home, returned to the States to begin raising support to return to South Africa full-time. Pray for him as he begins deputation, and pray that he can return quickly. He was a tremendous help during his time here. 

Quick Updates & Needs

  • An additional $4,000 has been contributed towards the purchase of a new 15-passenger van for Camp Rhino and the Rhino Youth Home, bringing our total to $15,000. The total cost of the van is $31,000. Please pray that we receive the remaining $16,000 soon so we can make the purchase.
  • We are raising funds to expand our dormitory space at Camp Rhino, needing 2 additional dorms for girls and 2 for boys. This expansion will support our growing camp for the coming years. The new dorms are estimated to cost approximately $20,000. Both our teen and junior camps were filled to capacity, and we even exceeded our limit, with 25 more juniors than we had space for.

Click the link below to read my daughter’s latest update about her 6-month internship in Argentina. She’s going into her last month.

2 thoughts on “Coffey Family July 2024 Prayer Letter

  1. I’m so glad the camp is foung well and thankful for the decisions that were made. I’m praying that the insurance covers the repairs to your home and the repairs will be done soon. Praying for rhe needs of the ministry!

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