Coffey Family June 2020 Prayer Letter

Wedding Day

The day has finally come for my oldest son Tyler to get married. We are excited that Lydia Bush will be an official part of our family in a few hours. I’m thankful for Jeff and Mindy Bush raising such a wonderful daughter.

Tyler and Lydia at their rehearsal dinner

We were uncertain concerning flying back from South Africa earlier for the wedding because of lockdowns, but definitely believe now it was the right decision. Please do pray flights to open back up so we can get back to South Africa by the first part of August. We are thankful we’ve been able to report back to supporting churches and present our ministry in new churches. We are still hoping to raise extra support to help towards Camp Rhino during our time here.

I want to thank all of you who have given to help the pastors and their families in Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa. I’ve heard terrific reports on how much of a blessing you all are to these families in need. If you would like to be involved to help more families in these countries please send your offering to Vision Baptist Missions or you can give via PayPal. $10-20 can help a pastor and his family eat on the very basics for a month during these unprecedented difficult times.

To give to help Pastors’ Families in Africa go to:
(Choose Mark Coffey or Camp Rhino)

You can also send money to:
Vision Baptist Missions
P.O. Box 442
Alpharetta, GA 30009
(Make a note for Mark Coffey- food for Pastors)

Pastor Alute giving food to Pastors on the border of Kenya/Uganda
Food being given out from Pastor Mario Genada’s Church in Zambia
Pastor Alute giving food to another pastor in Kenya.

The roof for our provisional auditorium at Camp Rhino is nearing completion. The weather has slowed us down a little, but the metal sheets should go on this week. Thank you all for the continual gifts that are helping build Camp Rhino.

I want to also thank everyone who has been praying for my Pastor Austin Gardner. He was on the ventilator for 21 days because of Covid19. He has been off the ventilator now over a week and actually went home yesterday. I’m still amazed at how the Lord has work to bring him back from a very bad situation.

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