Coffey Family January 2019 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests      

  • Classes for Bay Baptist College at Camp Rhino officially starts on February 12th.  We are encouraged about our first group of students who will be training full time for ministry.  Please pray for this first group of students.
  • Our 2nd oldest son, Chase, is leaving this week for Bible college in the States.  It’s definitely a bittersweet time for our family. Chase has been an incredible help here in the ministry and we are very proud of him.  Amy will be traveling back with him for 2 weeks to help him get set up.  Please pray as they travel. 
  • Pray we can pay off the remaining debt we have left over from the start of Camp Rhino.  We have raised $5000 so far toward the $17,000 debt we occurred. 

Quick Updates & Reminders:

  • We had 19 professions of faith from our first Teen Camp at Camp Rhino.  That is 25% of the campers who attended.
  • During our first camp we had 75 campers, 10 counselors, 21 helpers, and 16 missionary kids, present with a total of 126 people that were fed for each meal for our first camp. 
  • Our son Tyler arrived with 2 of his friends, Joe & Savannah, from the Our Generation Training Center in Alpharetta, GA for a 18-day trip. It’s been a great pleasure having them all here.
  • Our home church, Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA, is hosting the Our Generation Pastors Conference February 4th-6th.  Please check out their website at and make plans to attend.  I promise you’ll treasure your time there.

I really don’t know how to thank everyone who helped make Camp Rhino a reality.  So many prayers, advice, and gifts of every size were given to make it possible.

I wish you all were able to be a part of our first camp.  We had such a great time.  Our first week exceeded our expectations.  A team from Camps Abroad helped during our first camp and were such a great blessing. I was especially encouraged how their philosophy in camp ministry complemented our goals for church planting so well. Their training and leadership were priceless.  

I have a prayer request for a couple who has committed to work at Camp Rhino.  Tim & Destiny Kelly came to S. Africa on a 6-month internship last year and are raising funds to return and work at Camp Rhino full time.  Would you pray this couple can raise their support quickly.  We need their help.  They will be helping us in every area of camp ministry from security and maintenance to counseling and directing.  Tim especially is a young man who allows God to work through him despite the struggles he faces.  He will be a big help to South African kids.  Feel free to contact Tim at 706-970-0340 or via email at

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