Fruits of Camp Rhino

Kyle exclaimed, “I had the opportunity to lead one of my teenagers to the Lord. That’s the first time I’ve ever done that.  He really understood what being saved means. Seeing him saved brought me so much joy.”

Camp Rhino exist because we want to see young people reached for Christ, but also because we want to see young people better trained to do the work of the ministry.  Our first week of camp offered a tremendous opportunity for our young people to gain valuable ministry experience.

So far, I have heard from 5 of our counselors who said that during camp they had the opportunity to lead someone to Christ for their very first time.  Wow!  I was really surprised.  How exciting to see these young people see the Lord use them to change someone’s life.

Of course, we at Camp Rhino want to see people saved, but it is even more important that we see those who are saved, trained and equipped in such a way they are effectively able to share their faith.  We not only have kids being saved, we have young people who now have confidence and boldness to go after the lost.

My prayer is that many of these young people surrender to full time ministry and from these weeks of camp, we see an army of church planters and godly young ladies raised up for the work of the ministry.  As you pray and support the ministry please don’t forget about the impact that’s being made among those who are lost and without Christ.

I’m still in awe over what’s been done here at Camp Rhino.  Remember, we just purchased Camp Rhino on October 31st of this year!  That’s crazy!  Check out what was ready before Camp started on December 11th:

  1. Guys dorm with 12 sets of triple bunk beds
  2. Guys bath house with 5 showers, 5 toilets, and 4 sinks
  3. Girls dorm with 14 sets of triple bunk beds
  4. Girls bath house with 5 showers, 5 toilets, and 4 sinks
  5. Covered pavilion with picnic tables with seating for over 100 people
  6. Game room
  7. Gaga pit
  8. Human foosball court
  9. Soccer field
  10. Fully functional commercial kitchen
  11. and to top it off a full in-ground swimming pool.

It is pretty unbelievable, and we did this almost completely debt free.  Notice the word “almost”:)  Please be in prayer.  We are in debt for about $17,000.  Seeing that we have a full camp property and a house we can live in, $17,000 isn’t looking too bad right now.

We do want to get this paid off as soon as possible though.  Once this is paid off, all extra funds that come in for the camp will be able to go toward making Camp Rhino even better.  Please pray.


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