Coffey Family January 2018 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests

  • The sell of our house in the US-  It goes on the market this coming month. Our plan is to use the money toward the purchase of our camp property.    
  • Property search- We have begun looking for the right property to start Camp Rhino.  Pray we pick well.  
  • Our oldest son Tyler- This will be a repeating prayer request:). He’s back in Georgia training to be a missionary.  It’s tough being separated.  (I think more for us than for him:))  

Quick Updates & Reminders:


  • We are back in South Africa.
  • Timmy and Destiny Kelly arrive in just a few days for their 6 month internship to complete their training with the Our Generation Training Center. This is the same school my son Tyler is attending in Alpharetta, GA, which is a ministry out of our home church. 
  • We completed our first two children’s books that teach missions principles and features Camp Rhino.  Go to to order Lana’s Spots or The Little Five Friends Coloring and Activity Book.  

Last month, I announced that we met our $100,000 goal for Camp Rhino.  This month I’m happy to announce that not only did we meet our goal, we blew past it with an extra $29,000.  We now have $129,000 to put toward the property we want to purchase for the camp.    

We have looked at a few possible locations for Camp Rhino and the prices we’ve seen have been around $180 to $200,000.  With the proceeds from the sell of our home in the US, I believe we will come very close to this amount.   

We have enjoyed very much being back at New Life Baptist Church.  The church has done well with Pastor Sipho since our time in the states.  All the faithful folks we left behind are still attending, and the churches outreach has expanded.  For their Friday children’s outreach, they had several dozen new children attending, while there were at least 12  new faces in the youth meeting following the children’s service.

Please pray as we look for property to start another church.  New Life is currently holding services in two different locations so we can more access to the thousands of people in our area. 

I want to thank you all again for your involvement in our ministry.  We are truly blessed to partner with all of you.

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