January 2017 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Friend,

After 4 days of traveling (due to changes made to our flight schedule) Bekah, the kids, and I all arrived home on January 6th. We have picked up right where we left off almost 5 months ago. Our short furlough was nice, seeing friends and family and getting to give reports of what the Lord is doing here was fun, but getting back into the work is what we are really passionate about.

I am starting to get back into the hang of preaching in isiXhosa. Bekah too, is back at it. Yesterday afternoon she met with 5 teenage girls, and 2 twelve year old girls who have recently made professions of faith in Christ. They discussed salvation and baptism for a couple of hours and all have chosen to obey the Lord through believer’s baptism. These girls have all been faithfully attending our youth meeting held by Mxolisi Dama, our untitled youth pastor. We rejoice with a joy that is unspeakable to see how the Lord is using his life!

Tuesday night we started a new semester of Bible Institute. We currently have 13 people enrolled, one of which is from Soweto Baptist Church; Matthew Olwethu. He continues strong and is over half way finished with the curriculum. He continues to serve as the children’s church teacher.

On January 31st we will have new interns arriving. We are excited to have the Kelley family, Timmy and his wife Destiny. They are part of the Our Generation Training Center and will be with us for the next 6 months. Please remember them in your prayers as they travel and get settled in here.

Until today, we have been hosting the Coffey family in our basement while they were looking for their own house to rent. They also have just returned from furlough. Pray for Mark and Amy as they get back into their ministry and also as Mark continues searching for property for Camp Rhino.


  • Next month we will start having Sunday School, and full out children’s church at Soweto.
  • We may have found land for Camp Rhino. We meet with our lawyer this week to discuss setting up the non-profit organization.
  • Please pray that we continue to learn and adapt to the Xhosa Culture and Language. We have come a long ways, but there is still much room for improvement.
  • On February 14th we will start a new outreach ministry at Soweto, English Classes. This was a very productive outreach in Peru and we are expecting the same results here. It will be a great opportunity for our interns to serve and have an impact in our congregation though they do not speak the language.

Your prayers and donations are vitally important to all the work the Lord is doing in South Africa. We cannot thank you enough for your partnership with our ministry.

Jeremy and Rebekah Hall

Support Address:
Macedonia World Baptist Missions
Att. Jeremy Hall
P.O. Box 519
Braselton, GA 30517

Home Church:
Whitfield Baptist Church
Pastor Wayne Cofield
2134 Dug Gap Rd.
Dalton, GA 30720

Personal Contact Info:
Website: www.projectsouthafrica.com 

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