September Prayer Letter

God’s grace is undeniable in our life. He has proved to us he will take care of us. We owe him our life. He deserves praise and glory. I pray that my life will be glorifying to him.

We can now count down the days until we return to the states to begin our deputation. We are so thankful to those we have partnered with us for our short-term trip. Please continue to pray for:

– Young men to train and grow in the church
– To book meetings
– To be skilled in our pronunciation in Xhosa
– Church Growth
– New church in Soweto in November.

We have less than 2 months until our internship is over. We are sad that we only have a short time left, but we are thankful for the opportunity. We pray that we can make much of the time we have left and leave a help to the ministry here in Port Elizabeth.

I have been learning and observing how to train young men and we hope to leave a few men for Pastor Sipho to continue to train and invest in when we leave. The Lord has worked and we have seen more young people make professions of faith recently. Pray that they will get baptized and discipled.

Our Pastor (Tom Hatley), his daughter (Abby Hatley), and another young lady from our church (Torrie Sutton) will be coming on a trip to visit us in the first week on November. Please pray for them to raise all the needed funds. This will be the first trip for the ladies. Please pray that God will use them and show them what ministry is like in another country.

We celebrated my and my daughters birthday this past month. Mallorie turned 4 and was very spoiled by her family and friends. My wife and I are thankful that our children have acclimated so well to the country and culture. Our 1 year old son can understand Xhosa as well as he understands English.

Thanks to everyone for their prayer and support. We can be reached at any time thru Facebook messenger, whatsapp, and voxer.


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