August Prayer Letter

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Three Months have flown by and we only have 3 months left!

God is abounding in grace and he has showered us with blessings.

Prayer Requests
1. Visa Extension
2. Discipleship
3. Language
4. Teen Camp

Please continue to pray for the young men in Kwadwesi who are coming to church and discipleship. Pictured is (from left to right) Miso, Stephen, Themabani, and Vuyani. The boys have been overall faithful to most of church as well as visitation. We have also been doing a soccer program led by Jeremy Hall. The boys love this and they also hear a gospel message presented by one of the local pastors.

Our language is still very lacking but we are steadily learning new phrases. We have been working hard on our commands and this is a language focus. We can understand simple commands but it is much harder to repeat what we hear. Another focus is our pronunciation. We must be able to pronounce the words in the right way and not get in bad habits.

We are still waiting for our visas to be extended so please keep this in your prayers.

We are now booking meetings for 2015. Our goal is to have January, February and March of 2016 booked before we get back to the states.

Youth Camp:

Our youth camp is December 6-12. The cost to take 160 teens to camp is going to be $4650; $1500 for food, $2700 for camp, and $450 for transport. We are planning to charge each camper R300 ($25) for the week. That doesn’t sound like much, but considering most of the teens who will attend are probably being raised by an unemployed single parent or a grandmother, it’s almost impossible. We will be having several fundraisers and work days planned for the teens to help with their expenses. If you would be interested in helping us finance this camp please send any donation to Fellowship Baptist Church, 1102 Big Springs Road, Maryville, Tn 37801.

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