October 2022 Coffey Family Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests  & Praise  

  • 10 Young People made professions of faith during a Soccer tournament this past week held at Camp Rhino. This event was organized by 3 of our Bible college students.  They promoted the event and also did all the preaching.  It was neat to see them in action. 
  • Close to 300 people made professions of faith during our medical clinic with Medical Missions Outreach.  We saw over 2,000 patients during the 5-day clinic with most of them hearing a presentation of the Gospel.  MMO has been a great blessing to our churches. 
  • A new teenager is entering the Africa Youth Home this week.  Pray for us during the transition.  He’s the first new teen we’ve added since buying the new property for the youth home. Also, pray as we are still in search of house parents for the boy’s and the girl’s homes.

Quick Updates

  • We have decided to hold off on starting a new church until after our short furlough in 2023.  We’ll be back in the States to help our oldest son get settled and also for the VBM Annual Orientation.  We will continue our focus on helping Lighthouse Baptist Church until then. 
  • My cousin Jeremy started Bay Baptist Academy Primary School last year.  The Lord has opened doors for us to purchase property right across the street from the primary school to start the High School.  Pray we can raise the $68,000 in less than 60 days.  It’s been exciting seeing the school in action this past year and I know it’s going to be even better with the addition of the high school. Jeremy and his wife Bekah have done a tremendous job with this ministry. 

This past month I started 3 new Bible studies with people in different parts of our city.  Pray the Lord works and we can see many come to Christ through these efforts.  I’m hoping that maybe God would open doors for future church plants from these meetings. 

Bible Study in Tata Khaya’s House

One of our supporting churches, Fellowship Baptist Church in Maryville, TN with Pastor Tom Hatley is visiting this week.  During any visiting group, my hope and prayesr are that God moves on the hearts of at least one person to give their life to foreign missions.  Would you help pray that more laborers would be raised up?  

Last month a high school principal asked me about using Camp Rhino for a full month to host all of his 12th-grade students (90-100 students) for 30 straight days.  They would use that time to prepare for their graduation exams, but during that time we would also be able to preach to them each morning and hold Sunday and Midweek services. Pray as we make this decision for the 2023 school year. 

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