October 2017 Coffey Family Prayer Letter

Prayer Request

  • The sell of our house-  When we left for the field the first time, we weren’t able to sell our house.  With the improvements in the market, we are hoping to sell it and at least clear $30,000.  Our plan is to use the money we clear toward the purchase of our camp property.    
  • Safety as we travel- This coming month we’ll be in Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, and Florida.   
  • Our oldest son Tyler- He will be staying back in the States for Bible College when we return to the field. 
  • Christmas offerings being designated for Camp Rhino- We are praying to meet and surpass our $100,000 by the end of December. 

Quick Updates & Events:

  • Volunteer visas for our children were approved.  They are good through July 2019.  Afterwards we hope to get a 5 year work visa which would allow us to one day obtain permanent residence.
  • With the children’s visas in hand, we purchased our airline tickets for South Africa.  We are booked to fly out January 10th.    
  • Our first children’s books that will promote missions principles and Camp Rhino will be shipped out on October 31st. Check them out and pre-order at CampRhino.org.
  • Plan to attend the Our Generation Summit either at Lake Lanier Island Resort in Buford, Ga on December  28th-30th or in Boston, MA on January 4th-6th.  For more information go to OGSummit.com

Through these past months on furlough, God has really taught us and grown our faith in an incredible way.  When we started announcing our goal back in January to raise $100,000 to start Camp Rhino, to be honest, we were a little nervous.  This is the first time we’ve personally tried to raise money like that.  Month after month God, met or even surpassed our goals.   From the first $5000 given to the last $1000 that came in last week, it’s been amazing to see. 

Looking back and knowing the churches and individuals that have been involved is a bit overwhelming.  God has placed us in the path of some incredible people that have been a great encouragement and help.   

We now have over $87,000 towards the purchase of property to start our new camp.  With around $13,000 to go, we’re not near as nervous as we were in January:). Thank you all again for your prayers and support.

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