Missionary Friends in Thailand

My good friends Philip and Lori Bassham just had their second baby, Grace.  She’s a beautiful little girl, but has had some infection problems.  She is currently in NICU in Thailand, and will probably be there for a few days.

Philip in Lori are currently learning the language and have been in Thailand for about a year and a half now.

Unfortunately, Philip and Lori missed being able to put this pregnancy on their insurance by about 10 days, and it looks like he is going to have to pay at least $7500 in medical expenses for the delivery and with the situation of little Grace.

Please be praying for this family and their financial situation.  If you would be interested in helping out a little with the expenses you can send it to our mission board: Vision Baptist Mission  P.O. Box 442 Alpharetta, GA  30009.  You can also give online by going to visionbaptistmissions.com.  Philip and Lori are members of our home church and with our mission board.

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