Coffey Family September 2014 Prayer Letter

Delay…. Probably.  Please continue to pray.  The location we planned to use for the new church plant fell through this past week.  One of the owners was worried the community would be upset with a church being started in the neighborhood, and wouldn’t give us the go ahead.  We’re not sure if this is a closed door, but we are praying the Lord would change hearts if that’s the place for us.   We are continuing to look for a new location and hope to do outreach soon with an address in mind.  We were planning to start today on September 14th, but that’s wasn’t possible.  I’m hoping we can start sometime in September, but it’s dependent on a building. 

We’re not discouraged.  We know the Lord is in control and we’ll just see what happens.  Our main priority is still improving on our language abiblity so there is plenty to do.  We are continue to do minsitry in the other churches until others doors open up.  We thoroughly enjoy helping the other pastors and their churches, especially with the young people who have a heart for ministry. 

Prayer Request

  • Our first church plant.  We are still hoping to start in September.
  • The place for the new church plant fell through.  Pray we can find a different location soon.
  • Souls saved & faithful men
  • Our language learning.  This is of course is a repeated prayer request because it’s still a big priority.

More Highlights

  • Madiba Bay Baptist just celebrated their 7 year anniversary.  This is the main church we have been attending while in language school. Pictured to the right is Pastor Lubabalo during the anniversary service. He’s been a great help to us in learning the language. 
  • 4 Baptised after the anniversary service.
  • Needs met for Wells Estates Baptist Property and the Gospel Tracts 


  • Pulpit, Sign, Overhead Projector (Old-School Projector), song books, and a small trailer for the new church plant.
  • Approx. $7000 needed to build the first building for New Life Baptist Church.  $3300 has come in so far.

The Lord has blessed this past month by meeting two of the needs we have been mentioning.  Wells Estates Baptist has a piece of property they should be able to move to in December.  The money that has already been raised for this church is plenty for the property and a decent building unless things change.

Three churches gave toward the tracts and invitations needed.  This should be enough to last us for a few months, and for new tracts to be printed for the new church plant.   We are always grateful and humbled by the giving of goods people.  Thank you for loving missions and thank you for caring for souls around the world. 

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