Meet Robby Rhino

This past weekend we ended the month at Community Baptist Church in Curwensville, PA with Pastor Todd Hogue and his great family.  It was an honor to be a part of their missions conference this year.  Community Baptist Church has been supporting our family since 2012.

On Sunday evening of the conference, the church took up a special offering for Camp Rhino.  Pastor Hogue left the offering open for the following Wednesday and Sunday, so we don’t yet know what that amount will be.  As soon as we have those numbers we will update you.

We also had another $753 extra come in for the camp before the end of April.  We’re going to be very close to our April goal.  Thank you all for praying and giving.  It still amazes me that over $30,000 has been given to purchase property for the camp.  Only around $65,000 to go:)

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come.  This little guy is a main character that will be coming out soon in a children book series we are creating centered at Camp Rhino to help promote Bible principles involving missions.  Be on the lookout for release date.

Meet Robby Rhino:

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