Last Week of Camp

The past few weeks have been very busy with camp.  We started off for our mission orientation at Sand Mountain Bible Camp from May 29-June 2nd.  We then helped out at Fort Bluff Camp during their junior week, June 5-9.  We then went back to Sand Mountain Bible Camp for our home church’s week of teen camp, June 19-23.  The past two weeks we came back to Fort Bluff Camp to help during their two teen weeks as well, July 5-9 & July 19-23.

I appreciate the leaders and staff of each of these camps.  They have been a great help and resource.   We have learned an incredible amount of things we will be able to use when we start Camp Rhino.

Pray as we finish up teen camp at Fort Bluff this week and fly out to San Jose, CA on Friday.  Our summer definitely hasn’t slowed down, and we are grateful for all the open doors.

I will continue touching base with other camp ministries to further our training and education for future ministry.

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