June 2018 Prayer Letter


Dear Pastor and Friends,

The weather is changing and it’s feeling more like winter. Our kids love this change as it means it’s time for rugby. Some of you might laugh at our calamity as we pull out the heaters in 50 degree weather. As I write that, it sounds kind of silly. However, it is taking a toll on many people in our churches and amongst the missionaries. Fortunately, our house has been blessed with only minor sicknesses: ear infections and bronchitis.

Last month we celebrated Mother’s Day. God blessed us with a great attendance, over 20 first time visitors. We had 35 moms in total come celebrate the day with us. Click here to see a short video .

Recently I read in my devotions in Psalm 41:1, the Lord says, “Blessed is he that considereth the poor.” One of the ways we have chosen to help the poor in our area is through hosting a soup kitchen at Soweto Baptist Church. This new ministry is made possible by Missionary Brent Bergey. Every Tuesday the ladies of Soweto prepare food for around 150 people. While they get ready to serve, a young man preparing for the ministry will get up and present the Gospel. This is a great opportunity for our guys to get experience preaching, while the church shows the love of Christ through filling their bellies. Pray the Lord uses this ministry to grow His church.

​We are about to get really busy with visitors from the states. Our first group arrives tomorrow; Newton Baptist Church from Covington, GA. We will have three more groups visiting after them, consecutively. The next two months are completely book with all kinds of exciting activities; tract drops, school assemblies, construction projects, special meetings, etc. Please remember these groups, their travels, and their time here in your prayers. Our desire is to see the Lord call some laborers from these groups.

Camp Rhino: My cousin, Mark Coffey, has signed a contract on property for Camp Rhino. This deal is contingent upon the sale of his house in the States. Please pray for the Lord’s will in this transaction. Soon, we expect to begin preparing and using the land for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Upcoming events for prayer:

  • Our Bible institute finishes the semester and takes their final exams tonight.
  • June 15 we will have a special youth service to celebrate Youth Day in South Africa.
  • June 17 we will have a special service to honor the fathers of Soweto.
  • July 3-6 we will have Vacation Bible School.

As always, thank you for your partnership with our ministry through financial contributions and prayer.


Jeremy and Rebekah Hall




Support Address:
Macedonia World Baptist Missions
Att. Jeremy Hall
P.O. Box 519
Braselton, GA 30517

Home Church:
Whitfield Baptist Church
Pastor Wayne Cofield
2134 Dug Gap Rd.
Dalton, GA 30720

Personal Contact Info:
Website: www.projectsouthafrica.com 

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