False Alarm

Well…..we just thought we had a buyer for our house in the States:)  A house that our potential buyer already made an offer on and was rejected, ended up lowering their price to make it possible for them to get financing.  In other words, they decided to go with their first choice.

So we need you to continue praying for another buyer so we can sell our house ASAP.  We are still very excited about our property here in South Africa and believe we will get a buyer for our house in the States soon…..or later:)

Thank you all for your prayers.  They are greatly appreciated.

Please also pray for Pastor Tony Howeth and his group of 15 from Newton Baptist Church that arrive today from Covington, GA.  Pastor Tony was my Youth Director growing up, and has really been more like a 2nd dad most of my life.  This group is the first of 5 groups during June & July.

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