July Prayer Letter

Praise God for his joy he brings to those that serve him. There are many obstacles we may face here in SA but the joy that God brings is greater than anything we face.

Pastor Sipho and I have been continually discipling about 5 young boys. They age from 13-15 and all profess Christ. They have been coming to most of our services and even came to visitation last Saturday and helped us pass out nearly 500 gospel tracts. Since they are younger the language barrier is still there because they are still learning English in school. Please pray that they will continue to make themselves available to the Lords service. Also, our youth class is growing but we are still trying to get all those who come to youth on Fridays to come to church on Sunday.

Our language learning is going well. Last week we practiced inviting people to church in Xhosa and we are adding more and more sentences each week. This language continues to prove challenging but we know that we cannot be fully successful without being fluent in the language. We must gain the trust of those we plan to work with and this comes with language and culture.

My wife and I celebrated our 5th anniversary at the beginning of this month. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife that willing to sacrifice for the Lords work. I am thankful for her and her family.  We also were able to celebrate our son, Avett, first birthday. We are so thankful of the team that is here and to have a family away from our family.

We are starting to book meetings this month. God has continued to burden my hearth that our future is in South Africa. Our goal is to be booked from January to March of 2016 before we return to America in November.

It’s amazing to think we only have 4 months left!! There is so much more we would like to accomplish in the upcoming months ahead. We don’t know want out time to go to waste.

Please pray for:

1. Language
2. Our health (our whole family has battled stomach virus)
3. Our youth class
4. The 5 young men
5. Mettings to be booked.

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