July 2015 Prayer Letter

The picture above was taken Friday, July 24th, at a location where we plan to restart a church in the next few months; an area called Soweto. There are currently no Baptist churches in the area, but there are several believers from a previous church and one of them contacted me with a proposition. She, along with some other ladies from the area, wanted to feed the people and I would preach the gospel. Well, she did a great job and gathered nearly 60 adults and several children. All heard the gospel and will receive a visit within the next week. There were 4 young men specifically who I will be targeting and praying for earnestly. We praise the Lord for so many contacts to follow up with.

Starting next Saturday, I will have a youth meeting in Soweto. We will meet at 2 o’clock and have a Bible study. Then at 3:30 we plan to join several of the other churches at Madiba Bay Baptist Church for a friendly game of street soccer. My hopes are to use this to develop some relationships with several young men who will help me start the church.

Rebekah will begin to meet with the ladies in the area on Fridays to go through our basic discipleship material. Our desire is to have these ladies go through all 9 of our foundational lessons in preparation for the launch of the church. She is a little nervous about this, but this will be a tremendous help and push her in her language studies.

Praises, Prayer Requests and other News:

  • I have preached several messages (in Xhosa) since our last update! Progress is coming, but I am still no where near comfortable nor fluent. Veering from my notes while preaching normally leads me down an unfavorable path. Please continue to pray for advancement.
  • Bekah and I enjoyed a break from language school for two weeks while her parents, brother, and his friend were here visiting.
  • VBS at Wells Estate Baptist Church was well attended and there were several professions of faith. Yanga Gentsu, a 17 year old, led the whole week and did an incredible job! My in-laws and I were able to participate a couple of days.
  • All the money came in for New Life Baptist Church building and the apartment for Madiba Bay Baptist Church, thanks to several of you who gave so generously. Thank you!
  • The week long Youth Meeting, led by the young pastors Kevin has trained, during the winter break was a success. It was packed every night and there were five professions of faith!
  • Pray with us that we will have a good core group to start the church by the first of November (maybe sooner!).

Thanks for your participation in our ministry and for all that you do!


Jeremy & Rebekah Hall


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