Coffey Family September 2018 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests 

  • I’m a little nervous about even mentioning this, but our house in the states is under contract:) Praise the Lord!  Please pray everything goes well.  We are supposed to close on October 15th.  With this we can pay back the $42,000 loan very soon.        
  • Pray for a group from Fellowship Baptist Church in Madison, VA as they arrive on September 22nd.  They will be here to help get Camp Rhino ready for the first week of camp in December.  A good friend of ours, Cyndi Bader, is also arriving.  She is from Eastern Avenue Baptist Church in St. Cloud, FL.
  • Our oldest son Tyler, who is in Bible College back in the States, and our 2nd oldest son Chase, who will be leaving for Bible college in January.  They both are training for missions.
  • Finances to get Camp Rhino ready for our first camp from December 10 to 14. 
  • Be praying for Tim and Destiny Kelly as they begin their deputation to South Africa.

Quick Updates & Reminders:

  • Renovation and construction for Camp Rhino have begun.  The masonry labor and materials on the renovation for the first boys dorm is going to be around $1826.  This will house around 30 guys. 
  • Our next new construction project will be the boys bath house.  I don’t have the material cost yet, but the labor cost is going to be around $3535. 
  • An updated list of future projects can be found on our website at and if you are interested in seeing what we have planned.

Momentum at New Life Baptist Church seems to be building. We now have 9 young guys who we are discipling and preparing for ministry.  The oldest of the group is doing excellent.  He is close to getting married and will probably be our next assistant pastor.  At least three of them plan to start our Bible College in January. 

Please pray for these young men.  They face family pressures and temptations that are pretty overwhelming.  The things they are confronted with on a daily basis would amaze you. 

We would love  the opportunity to host a group from your church here in South Africa next year.  Please contact me for an information packet.  It would be an honor to facilitate a trip that would help and challenge your church people.

We also are going to need a lot of help in the coming years as we get Camp Rhino ready for all the camps and the Bible College.

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