Coffey Family November 2023 Prayer Letter

Fifty high school seniors from a local public high school are currently residing at Camp Rhino, which has been rented out by the high school for 15 days. Their daily schedule is packed with classes and study sessions in preparation for their final exams. As part of the agreement to rent our property, we have been given the privilege of daily chapel services with the students.

This arrangement serves as a test run to gauge our interest in future collaborations with schools, and so far, it has exceeded our expectations. Just today, four young people responded to the invitation for salvation.

Our team of dedicated pastors and missionaries is deeply appreciative of the opportunity to minister to these young minds daily. For many of these teenagers, this may be the first time they have heard a clear presentation of the Gospel, as they have grown up surrounded by religion but have not been exposed to the true message of the Gospel.

Prayer Requests & Praise

  • Pray for our son Luke and his new bride Adri.  We had a great time being back in the States for their wedding and look forward to seeing how the Lord uses them as they continue in Bible college and prepare for full-time ministry. 
  • We just had a group here with Evangelist Ethan LeCroy and his M.I.T. Team.  During their mission trip, we saw over 20 people make professions of faith.  We believe some from the group will give their lives to full-time missions, and we’re praying for those who trusted Christ to grow in their new faith.  
  • Please pray for my daughter Emilee, who is raising funds for her upcoming 6-month internship in Argentina. This internship is the final step in her bachelor’s degree from the Our Generation Training Center, she’s set to leave in February. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated as she prepares for this trip.

Quick Updates & Needs

  • During our mini junior camp in October, we had 14 campers trust Christ as their Savior. 
  • December 11-14 is our summer junior camp and our summer teen camp is January 9-12.  We need a sponsor for each of our campers.  The cost of the camp is approx. $50 per person. If you are interested in helping please let me know.  
  • Missionary Lynette Osborn with BIMI has arrived after raising her full support and we’ve already seen her impact in the Rhino Youth Home and Camp Rhino ministries. We are very thankful God sent her our way.  
  • It looks like we will be adding a 14-year-old girl in December to our youth home.  Pray for wisdom as we manage this growth.

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