Coffey Family July 2018 Prayer Letter

Since June 6th we have had 78 people from 5 different groups visit our ministries here in South Africa.  They were a tremendous help to all of our churches.  From building benches, to painting Sunday school classes or passing out Gospel tracts, they did what ever was asked of them.  Hearts were touched and lives were changed.  As they worked to impact South Africa, I believe South Africa impacted them.   

From the many that visited for a short time, we believe that some may even come back to South Africa as interns and full time missionaries.  Please pray they would be open to wherever the Lord leads them. 

The land for Camp Rhino has been decided on.  Please pray things work out so we can finalize payment and secure the property.  Every visiting group has seen and prayed over the future site.  Excitement continues to build with every visit.  Our vision is spreading and more and more people are looking forward to being involved.

Prayer Requests

  • The sale of our home in the US- We have had 3 offers on our house so far, and all of three have fallen through.      
  • $66,000.  This is what I am hoping to clear from the sale of our house. We will be able to use this money to complete the purchase for the land for Camp Rhino. 
  • Our oldest son Tyler, who is in Bible College back in the States. 
  • Our son Chase- he is in Eldoret, Kenya for 2 weeks making a visa run and visiting missionaries Randy & Phylis Stirewalt.
  • Our daughter Emilee- she is on a missions trip this week to visit the Holt Family in Santiago, Chile.

Quick Updates & Reminders:

  • Several have trusted Christ in the many youth meetings, services, and VBS activities over the past 6 weeks that our visiting mission teams have been a part of.  2 young single men and 3 boys just trusted Christ last night, the last full day with our groups.
  • Our 2nd children’s book “Brayden’s Day Off” is in the illustrating stage.  We hope to have this book available to you very soon. 
  • Our last mission team of the summer left on July 26th.  We are already looking forward to the next group that arrives on September 22nd from Madison, VA. 
  • We would love to the opportunity to host a group from your church here in South Africa next year.  Please contact me for an information packet.  It would be an honor to facilitate a trip that would encourage and challenge your people.

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