Coffey Family February 2022 Prayer Letter

We need your help and prayers.  We’re stepping out to start the Africa Youth Home.

This past week I went to look at a property that is for sale right beside Camp Rhino for the start of this ministry.  It has a 4 bedroom house and 20 acres of land.  By faith, I went ahead and made an offer for the property for $100,000.  The asking price is $145,000 so we’re waiting for their answer.  Needless to say, we don’t have $145,000 or $100,000:). 

20 Acre property with a 4 bedroom house beside Camp Rhino

We have four 16-year-olds living with us now at Camp Rhino.  These teenagers have faced much hardship and loss.  We want to help more young people like them, but we need your help.  

We need at least $100,000 to start if not $145,000.  All the teens we have up to this point have been a part of our church’s ministries for years now.  We have 2 more teens that need to be here now, but we just don’t have the room or the staff.  Would you consider playing a part?

1st Day of School – My daughter Addison is with Ano, a pastor’s kids with the Micky shirt on, and our 4 new teenagers, Sisipho, Dumisani, Liso, & Elethu.

Pray Requests and Praise

  • Our Bible College starts back this month.  Please pray for the 9 full time students who are studying for the ministry.  There are another 15 students who are taking part-time classes in our Bible Institute.  Please pray especially for this aspect of our ministry.  All of our ministries are pointed toward training young people for church planting.  We can’t produce lasting change here in South Africa without more churches.  
  • Please continue to pray for my wife’s ear surgery.  She has a hearing test this week and an appointment with the ear surgeon on February 22nd.  
  • Pray for Lynette Osborn who is coming to work with us in the ministry, specifically in the Youth Home.  She has 40% of her support and is hoping to be here in January 2023.

Quick Updates

  • This past week our house was broken into while we were sleeping.  About $5000 worth of equipment was taken.  We are so grateful that $4000 has been committed toward replacing that equipment so far.  We are also installing a new alarm system that will hopefully deter that from happening again.  
  • We are also thankful that $2200 has been committed toward the $3000 shortfall we had for our camps this year.    
  • Currently, we have 4 teenagers who are living at Camp Rhino.  They are the start of our Youth Home Ministry.  If you would be interested in sponsoring one of these teens please let me know.  A full sponsorship is $100 per child per month.  This provides basic essential needs along with covering food and housing cost. 

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