Coffey Family December 2018 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests        

  • We’re finally here. Camp Rhino opens its doors to campers on December 11th for the first time.  Please pray for all our volunteers, and pray we have a great first camp.
  • There will be anywhere from 60-80 campers arriving for camp.  Pray the Lord does a great work in their hearts. 
  • Bay Baptist College- The first classes will be starting in January.  We should have 5 or 6 students our first semester.  We pray from this we will see more churches started.
  • Our oldest son Tyler, who is in Bible College back in the States, and our 2nd oldest son Chase, who will be leaving for Bible college in January.  They both are training for missions.
  • Finances to help get Camp Rhino ready for our first camp from December 11th to 14th.

Quick Updates & Reminders:

  • Missionaries Josh and Meagan Sullivan arrived this past week with their kiddos.  They have completed their deputation and will be starting language school soon.  Pray as they get set up and are working to get their long term visas. 
  • The 4 person team from Camps Abroad with the Wilds in NC arrived and have been a great help.
  • Jens Looney, a young man from the Our Generation Training Center in Alpharetta, GA, arrived this past week for his 6-month internship. 
  • Contact me ASAP if you are interested in leading a mission team to South Africa or if you would just like to come on your own.

Mattresses  are just one of the many things we had to order to get camp ready.  It’s amazing how many little things it takes to run a ministry.  It’s also amazing how easy it is to forget a lot of those little things until a week before camp starts:)

We can’t thank you all enough for helping during these past two years with the prayers and financial support and gifts that have made Camp Rhino a reality.  It’s hard to believe all that has come together to make this camp possible.  Thank you so much.    We pray the Lord blesses your investment multiple times over. 

Our two major prayers as we start camp is that teenagers’ hearts will be pierced with the truth of the Gospel and that many young people would give their lives to full time Christian ministry.  Might we see from the effects of this ministry, more churches started all over South Africa and the world. 

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