Coffey Family December 2017 Prayer Letter

Quick Updates & Reminders:

  • January 10th is our departure date for South Africa.  We are looking very forward to getting back to the field. 
  • 7 Young people were saved at this year’s camp, our last we hope at a rented facility.
  • We completed our first two children’s books that teach missions principles and features Camp Rhino.  Go to to order Lana’s Spots or The Little Five Friends Coloring and Activity Book. 

It is my joy and pleasure to announce that we have met our initial goal to raise $100,000 to help with the start of Camp Rhino with two weeks to spare.  PRAISE – THE – LORD!!!!! The last $388 came in the night I preached at my home church, Vision Baptist Church, on Dec 14th. When I announced our goal to raise that much money back in January, I was a little nervous to say the least. Despite my nervousness, God worked out what some thought was impossible. 

$100,000 and Growing

I know this is just the first step concerning fundraising, but God has taught my family a lot during the last year.  He has confirmed in our heart we are headed in the right direction, and He has taught us the importance to live by faith and not by sight or worries or second thoughts or doubts. 

We really desire to live a life not based on our abilities and talents, but based on God living through  us to be a blessing to many others.  Please pray for our next steps.  We need to find the right piece of property and see from there what other funds are needed.  With the sale of our house and more donations being committed, we are hoping to return to South Africa with $150,000. 

Also be praying about our next church plant.  We hope to start our second church within the first few weeks of returning to Port Elizabeth.  Although we are excited about Camp Rhino, we know our main goal is to see more churches started throughout all of South Africa.  We really believe that Camp Rhino will help accelerate those efforts. 

Prayer Requests

  • Our oldest son Tyler- He will be staying back in the States for Bible College when we return to the field.  This is our first time leaving someone behind and know it won’t be easy. 
  • The sell of our house-  When we left for the field the first time, we weren’t able to sell our house.  With the improvements in the market, we are hoping to sell and at least clear $30,000.  Our plan is to use the money toward the purchase of our camp property.

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