Coffey Family December 2016 Prayer Letter Part 1

I hope all had a great Christmas and pray that you have an even better New Year.

We have now been back in the states a few weeks and are getting ready to end the New Year at the Our Generation Summit at Lake Lanier Island in Buford, GA.  What a privilege to end the new year challenging people from several churches to reach the world with the Gospel.

It is strange being away from South Africa, but we are fired up about the opportunities to promote missions in Africa and present our burden for Camp Rhino.

Our two oldest boys Tyler and Chase stayed back in South Africa to help with our 2nd annual Teen Camp two extra weeks, but are now back in the states with us.


There was quite an increase in campers this year and four young people made professions of faith. Because of space and time we aren’t able to bring in a lot of outside kids.  We are hopeful in the years to come, with the new camp property, we not only will be able to minister to our church kids during camp, but we will be able to bring in an unlimited number of lost kids from all our communities.


We start our big push to raise the funds for Camp Rhino in January.   We are looking to raise $100,000 in the next year.  This money will be used to purchase approx. 20 acres of land in the Port Elizabeth area that we will begin developing into the Christian Camp and Training Center.

Please pray we will be able to reach our first months goal of $8333.00. That’s the amount it will take to raise each month in order to purchase property when we land back in South Africa.

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