Coffey Family August 2023 Prayer Letter

The Rhino Youth Home recently experienced a remarkable turn of events. One of our girls shared a situation involving her mother, which left her younger twin brothers without proper care. Concerns about their safety prompted us to intervene and bring them here. Welcoming the 11-year-old twin boys into our youth home, they seamlessly integrated and began attending classes at Bay Baptist Academy this past week. Our team and family, especially our daughter Addison, have warmly embraced them.

We ask for your prayers for Baphumze and Phumlani’s futures. Additionally, we seek your involvement in their journey ahead. Despite the unexpected nature of this situation, our response was a resounding “yes.” We will need assistance with school fees, clothing, food, and other essentials. Also, we will need a larger vehicle sooner rather than later. With unwavering trust in God’s provision, we are confident that these two young lives will grow in the Lord. Your prayers and support hold immense significance for us.

Prayer Request & Praise

  • Kindly keep Lighthouse Baptist Church in your prayers. Our congregation has experienced significant growth this year, with attendance averaging around 75 to 85 people each week, compared to last year’s average of about 20 to 25.
  • God is raising laborers for Africa. Josh and Morgan Barton are approved by our mission board, raising funds for their mission in Mozambique. For more details about this family, please reach out. An excellent partnership opportunity awaits.  Praying for even more like them. 
  • Please pray for my daughter Emilee, who is raising funds for her upcoming 6-month internship in Argentina. This internship is the final step in her bachelor’s degree from the Our Generation Training Center, and she’s set to leave in February. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated as she prepares for this important journey.

Quick Updates & Needs

  • Welcoming the new twins into our fold, we’ve transitioned from solely a Teen Youth Home to a vibrant Children’s Home. This exciting expansion marks a fresh chapter in our ministry, and we eagerly anticipate the future possibilities it holds.  
  • We’ve identified significant needs for Camp Rhino & the Rhino Youth Home:
    • 15-passenger van – $25,000
    • Two new dorm rooms – $10,000
    • Tractor with backhoe – $25,000
    • Workshop enhancements – $8000
  • Prayers are vital for meeting these needs and advancing our mission. Your valued support is appreciated.

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