Camp Rhino Update

The reception for Camp Rhino has been outstanding.  Every place we go people are excited about the possibilities of a camp and training center ministry in South Africa.  The desire from others to be involved has been, honestly, a little surprising.  People are contemplating how they can be involved not just financially, but actually a working part of promoting the camp here stateside and being involved on site in South Africa when we get started.

Just to keep you updated, we had over $3000 given in the last week and a half for the camp.  The church we were in this past week gave many personal donations and also a $1000 gift to the camp.  Since our last update, over $8000 has come in with even more being committed before we leave.  In total we have a little over $18,000 in hand, and $23,000 committed.

Here is a short clip of one of the kids giving a testimony about our first week of camp at a rented facility.     We are anxious to hear more precious testimonies like this one, once we have our own property to start Camp Rhino.


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