Camp Rhino January Goals Exceeded

In order to raise $100,000 to buy property to start Camp Rhino Christian Camp & Training Center we will need to raise $8,333 a month for the next 12 months.

Already in January we were informed that $5200 is in the mail, another church set a goal to raise $2500 by October, and $1750 has been given to us in hand during the past week of church services.

Part of the $1750 came from a Preacher’s Conference I was able to attend this past week in Rossville, GA at Anchor of Hope Baptist Church with Pastor Brian Haney.   Pastors, missionaries, laymen, and other preachers gave sacrificially toward the camp.  I was blown away by their generosity.

As we travel to churches, we are giving a free Camp Rhino T-shirts to everyone who gives a donation to the camp.  Soon we will make these shirts available online.  If you’re interested in donating and having your own Camp Rhino T-shirt, just let me know.


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