Coffey Family November 2019 Prayer Letter

This past week, our teen discipleship meeting went in a different direction.  As we were starting our study, 3 men came into the home of the church members where we have been meeting and robbed us at gunpoint.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, but they did get away with my MacBook and iPhone along with my son, Luke’s iPhone and about $300. Pray we can replace some of these things ASAP.  My family keeps making fun of me for saying “Hey Siri” anticipating a response from my phone that I no longer have. I really do use my phone and computer in almost every part of our ministry though:)

Some of our teens

It’s hard to believe we only have 2 months left in 2019.  It amazes me that so much has taken place, yet I can be overwhelmed at times at how much more we have to do.  I can say through it all, we are having a fantastic time seeing God work.  What a privilege it is to be in the Lord’s work.  Thank you all for making that possible.

My Son Luke

Prayer Requests & Praise  

  • What we are calling our Christmas Camp is from Dec. 10th-13th.  We need help sponsoring campers to offset expenses at $50 per camper.   We are preparing for 100 teen campers for the first camp of the summer season. Click here to donate via PayPal.
  • Pray for many to come to Christ during year-two of Camp Rhino. 
  • 8 of our teens were with my son Luke and me when I was robbed this week along with 2 other faithful adults from our church.  Pray the Lord uses this in our lives to help us be more serious concerning eternity. 
  • We received great news this week regarding property for a possible medical clinic.  It looks like our district is going to give us a terrific piece of property to use for the clinic at a great price.  Please continue to pray as we go forward with the idea of starting our own full-time medical clinic here in South Africa.
Only a few weeks until our 2019 Teen Camp

Quick Updates & Reminders:

  • We are short about $3,000 of the $20,000 needed to complete the new dorm-style cabins at Camp Rhino.   The roof is going on this week, but we still lack the doors and electrical systems. Please be praying as we also need to prepare the space we will be using for the main auditorium.
  • We just passed the one year anniversary of when we first purchased the property for Camp Rhino.  So far this year we’ve seen over 60 professions of faith through our camp events.  We’re praying and hoping for even greater results during this next year.
  • Contact me in you’re interested in a missions trip to South Africa. We would love to have you. You can join a group or bring your own. We are booked for groups for the Summer months of 2020 but have room for individuals and off months. We are also scheduling for 2021 and 2022. Come experience Camp Rhino for yourself.
  • It looks like we will be in the States next year for my oldest son’s wedding, probably from April to June. I will also be using that time to raise extra support to help with our current and future ministries. If you would like to have us in during that time please just let me know.
The roof is on our girl dorms

Christmas Camp Sponsors

In our last prayer letter, I mentioned needing sponsors for our next big teen camp in December. Some requested more info, so here you go:

We are planning for 100 campers for what we’ve referred to as our Christmas Camp which will go from December 10th-13th. While you hopefully will be enjoying a cool and possibly white Christmas, we will be somewhere in the 70’s and 80’s seeing it’s the start of our summer season here in South Africa:)

Our goal is to raise $50 per camper. This would help with activities, transportation, food, and lodging.

We are continually working to make Camp Rhino a better place for evangelistic outreach and training so any donation would be appreciated.

If you would be interested in sponsoring a camper you can send funds to our mission board by clicking or via Paypal by clicking

Thank you for helping us impact these teenagers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Can’t have camp without a camp fire
Big Ball
Thank you for partnering with us to reach people with the Gospel.

Coffey Family October 2019 Prayer Letter

My heart is full, and ideas are flowing after the incredible medical clinic we had with Bradley Edmondson and his wonderful team with Medical Missions Outreach.  I can’t explain in enough words how much of a blessing they were during their stay.  

We saw over 2,000 patients come through the clinic and hear the Gospel and had over 250 people make professions of faith.  Pray as we consider our next steps.  I would love to have our own full-time clinic here with the help of MMO.  

Missionary Jeremy Hall assisting the dental team

I can’t thank them enough.  If you don’t support this ministry, I want to encourage you to find out more about them and maybe even have them come present in your church.  You won’t regret it.  I believe we will feel the impact of their ministry for a long time to come here in South Africa.  I love what they do and what they stand for. 

Vision Team

Quick Updates & Reminders:

  • We are only short $6000 to finish the new dorm-style cabins at Camp Rhino.   We just lack the roof, doors, lights, and some of the labor costs. Please be praying as we also hope to start the main auditorium construction before our main camp season starts in December.     
  • I’m so proud of the team of South Africans we get to work with.  The people in our churches did an amazing job volunteering.  I was blown away by those who stepped up and shared the Gospel to hundreds of people during the 4-day clinic.  I literally saw them grow by leaps and bounds right before my eyes.
  • Christmas Camp is Dec. 10-13. Sponsors are needed.

Prayer Requests & Praise  

  • Contacts.  Pray as we follow up on the over 2000 contacts we made this past week with the medical clinic we did with MMO. 
  • Pray for the over 250 people who made professions of faith this week in our clinic. 
  • Pray for our Bible college and Bible institute students as they grow in the Word of God.  We need more people to give their lives to start churches and reach the lost.   
  • My wife Amy’s hearing is doing well.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  She’s not at the 3-month mark, which is the final test, but everything seems to be going very well.   
  • Pray for our surrounding countries.  We need more missionaries in order to reach Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho, and Swaziland. 
  • Pray as we consider obtaining property to one day start building our own full-time medical clinic here in South Africa.