December 2014 Update from South Africa

Dear Pastor and Friends,

Another year is come and gone. It’s now that C.T. Studd’s words ring loudest in my ears; “Only one life, “twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last.

We are still attending and serving at Madiba Bay Baptist Church. It is awesome to see all that the Lord is doing there through Kevin and his guys. Last month we celebrated family day which was a big success; 177 in attendance. Two adults trusted Christ that day; just last week there were another two. The Lord has been using the preaching every week to see someone come to Christ!

It’s summer here now and holiday has begun which normally affects attendances tremendously. We have several evangelist outreaches planned to counter the affect of holiday. One that you can be praying with us about is a Saturday youth soccer league. We are turning the church parking lot at Madiba into a fulbito (soccer on concrete, something we played in Peru a lot) court. We plan to play soccer, preach, and hopefully build some relationships with new people and get them in church.

Last week we met with a contractor to get a quote on the building in Kwadwesi. Kwadwesi is a more developed part of town and a simple shack will not be permitted in the area. It will require a building much like one in the states. We are still awaiting his services, but hopefully in the next few weeks we will break ground and begin the foundation for New Life Baptist Church. We have had several individuals and churches give to this project already and we are extremely grateful! Because of those donations, the land and building plans are in order. A specific, urgent need I would like to ask you to pray with us about is the water and sewer hookup ($600+/-). We will keep you updated on the progress.

Come January 15th Rebekah and I will have been in language school one year. We are hoping to be finished with our classes in another 6 months. My personal prayer and desire is to be able to start a church in September. We have come a long way, now able to have short conversations, but we still have a long way to go. Please continue to pray with us that this language foundation is laid firm and well. We are convinced that this time will pay dividends for years to come.

I say this every letter and honestly do not know how to express it adequately except for to say it again, thank you! God is using you guys to help us accomplish what we believe He wants done here in South Africa. The gospel is being preached and souls are being saved. Please know, as you think about this year coming to an end, that you are storing up small treasures in Heaven here in South Africa. THANK YOU!

More Prayer Requests:

  • The Our Generation Summit will be next week in Gatlinburg, TN. Pray the Lord will use this event to raise up new laborers
  • The King and Underwood families as they are on deputation to come as church planters here to South Africa
  • Our Pastor and wife, Wayne and Connie Cofield, as they come for a visit next month

Love in Christ,

Jeremy and Rebekah Hall

Coffey Family December Prayer Letter

Our family hopes everyone had a terrific Christmas and want to wish everyone a happy new year.  We are thankful for your involvement that allows us to do the work of the ministry.  It’s hard to believe 2014 is coming to an end, but we are excited about what is before us.  As we look back, there are things we could have done better, but are thankful for opportunities to make changes and improvements in every area of ministry.

As we look ahead to 2015, we pray the Lord allows us to participate in many church planting endeavors that we were hoping for in 2014.  There are a couple of young preachers that are close to stepping out.  I know God can use them in a great way to see His kingdom advance.   

We have now been in South Africa about a year and a half.  The time has passed quickly and it’s a reminder that there is a lot to do and little time to do it in.  The labor that has gone on in Madiba Bay Baptist Church, Wells Estates Baptist Church, and Servants of Christ Baptist Church is just the beginning.  So much more has to be done to reach the million and more people here in Port Elizabeth, and the countless others in Southern Africa.

Pray for open doors and boldness as we seek to please Him in advancing the Gospel.

Pastors Dec 2014

Prayer Request

  • Amy and I as we continue learning the Xhosa language. 
  • For the two singles pastors to find good wives and for the three married pastors to have strong marriages that will impact future generations. 
  • Stephen Underwood and Jason King families that are on deputation for South Africa. 

More Highlights

  • A builder is giving us an estimate on laying the foundation for New Life Baptist Church this week.  The waiting to start building seems to be coming to an end.
  • Amy and kids are doing great. 
  • Plans have been made for our first pastors fellowships, teen camps, couples retreats, and pastors school this coming year.  Please keep these events in your prayers as we hope to see maturity and involvement increase.   


  • $600 for the water and sewer hook-ups for New Life Baptist.
  • Approx. $6500 needed to build the first building phase for New Life Baptist Church.  $3800 has come in so far.

Ministry Wisdom

My Director, Jeff Bush, just sent out some great notes from a class that my Pastor, Austin Gardner, was teaching at the Our Generation Training Center.

The notes were a great challenge to me, especially where I am in ministry right now.

I hope they will help you as they did me.

Key to Making it in Ministry:

Developing a habit of not quitting.

The majority of people start serving God, start deputation, start learning a language, etc., but the majority of people quit.

You do not have to be talented, but if you just keep it up, you will make it.

Many start memorizing, reading, doing things but don’t finish. Most are excited about starting but quit.   Someone who supposedly cannot, will end up being able to, if he continues… keep plodding on.

Just keep at it, be faithful and consistent. You can find excuses to not finish.

Fruit will come if you just keep going instead of stopping and quitting.

The turtle and rabbit – rabbit had all ability but the turtle wins the race.  Your talent will make you lose.   People with talent many times lose.

Life as an Intern (Beth Staley’s personal testimony)

Beth Staley’s personal testimony about her internship here in South Africa.

Life as an Intern

The thought of internships don’t usually bring about happy thoughts. No one gets overly excited about being an intern. It usually has a negative connotation to it that means you will be a slave to basically everyone for this period of your life, or at least until the new guy shows up. If you watch TV shows, you know that the interns are the ones who really don’t do anything besides get coffee and get yelled at while they mess everything up.Thankfully,  I can say that my internship  to South Africa wasn’t like that at all, although I did  have to use my new ability to drive a stick shift to chauffeur MK’s around. You’d be surprised at how many ways there are to get lost in a city like PE.

Life as an intern in South Africa is great. And by great, I mean it will be the most productive, challenging, growing, and fun period of your life if you have the right attitude. I personally loved every second of it, and it wasn’t even the exciting things that I loved the most. Sure, jumping (or being thrown) off the highest bungy bridge in the world is one of the coolest experiences ever, although it’s is close tie with shark diving and seeing great whites right in front of you. Yes, the sound of my voice was incredibly similar to that of a two year old when I rode the ostrich, and having the background of your phone be a selfie with a rhinoceros is pretty cool. Add in all the beautiful scenery, the gorgeous beach and stunning mountains, minus the ever-constant wind, and you have a pretty exciting place to visit. However, more than all of the excitement and adventure that went on while I was down here, if you asked me what my favorite part of South Africa was, I would not say any of those.

First, I would say that spending time with the missionary families was one of my favorite parts. I learned so much from them all, both by what they said and by their example. If you are considering going on a missions trip, South Africa has some of the best missionaries in the world. You will fall in love with the families there, and even with the chaos that ensues of having twelve kids running around everywhere. If you’re a girl, Amy, Bekah, and Corli are some of the sweetest, wisest missionary wives that I know, and going to South Africa is like getting three blessings in one, because you can learn different things from all three of them. I went to South Africa as an intern and gained life-long friends in the process.

My next favorite thing was the fact that I had an abundance of opportunities to be actively involved in the ministry in South Africa. Not only did I get to see the beginning stages of a ministry that I believe God is going to do great things with,  but I also had the opportunity to take part in it. There wasn’t a week that went by where I had nothing to do. Whether it was working on formatting the Xhosa Bible for the Logos program, designing postcards, assembling packets of invitations to pass out, going on visitation, teaching at young ladies meetings, singing specials or teaching Sunday School, there was never a lack of things to do. I’m sure if there was, the same missionaries mentioned above would have thought of something to keep me occupied. 🙂

There is also a great opportunity to use the internship to grow personally. I always had a book to read and write a report about, which was not necessarily ministry, but it helped me in my own personal, spiritual growth. I learned the importance of discipline in the little things in life.  Language school helped me to realize the challenges of learning a new language and how to go about it, and  teaching the young ladies helped me to get over speaking to groups. Experiencing a minute form of culture shock helped me to realize what I made fun of people for when they visited Peru is not actually all that fun. Practically, I learned a lot about cooking when I had to cook a meal every week for a family of eight. I learned how to drive a stick shift, and how to get lost while doing so. I learned that beauty without a bathroom is vain, especially when you are driving down a beautiful road that lasts forever. 🙂

Most of all, I learned that sometimes God puts you in a place that was so right that all you can do is thank Him for it. For me, South Africa was that place, and it will always have a special place in my heart, even though I am banned from returning at the moment because of visa issues. I am so thankful to Him for putting me in South Africa, for providing for me, and for surrounding me with just the people I needed to help me grow. Maybe South Africa is that place for you too, and I encourage you to go and see how you can be involved in the ministry there. You never know what God could do!