Ministry Wisdom

My Director, Jeff Bush, just sent out some great notes from a class that my Pastor, Austin Gardner, was teaching at the Our Generation Training Center.

The notes were a great challenge to me, especially where I am in ministry right now.

I hope they will help you as they did me.

Key to Making it in Ministry:

Developing a habit of not quitting.

The majority of people start serving God, start deputation, start learning a language, etc., but the majority of people quit.

You do not have to be talented, but if you just keep it up, you will make it.

Many start memorizing, reading, doing things but don’t finish. Most are excited about starting but quit.   Someone who supposedly cannot, will end up being able to, if he continues… keep plodding on.

Just keep at it, be faithful and consistent. You can find excuses to not finish.

Fruit will come if you just keep going instead of stopping and quitting.

The turtle and rabbit – rabbit had all ability but the turtle wins the race.  Your talent will make you lose.   People with talent many times lose.

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