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The Coffeys are currently in language school learning the Xhosa language. The served for two terms in Peru, South America before returning to the States in 2005 to help plant Vision Baptist Church.

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Wolf Mountain Camp in Grass Valley, CA

I want to first apologize for the duplicate emails that occasionally come out.  I’m trying to fix that on my blog and will hopefully have that squared away this week. Amy and I arrived back from our trip to California late Tuesday night.  We had a great time visiting three churches and spending time with […]

Update from San Jose, California

We’ve been in the San Jose and Sacramento, CA area since Friday of last week.  Ross & Sue Pyle, former missionaries to South Africa, made it possible for us to be in this part of the world.  They have graciously opened their home in San Jose to Amy and I and have been wonderful hosts. […]


We’re in California!  I love being here.  Everywhere you go there are nationalities from all over the world.  It’s even more exciting to see so many different nationalities in the churches we visit.  Oh course, also I love being here because of In-N-Out Burger:) This past Sunday morning, we had a great meeting with Pastor […]

Last Week of Camp

The past few weeks have been very busy with camp.  We started off for our mission orientation at Sand Mountain Bible Camp from May 29-June 2nd.  We then helped out at Fort Bluff Camp during their junior week, June 5-9.  We then went back to Sand Mountain Bible Camp for our home church’s week of […]

Over $60,000 has now been given for Camp Rhino

It’s been an amazing week and a half for Camp Rhino.  One minute I’m informing folks of a special offering, and the next minute another offering was coming in. -On Thursday, June 29th, my home church, Vision Baptist Church, gave $760 for the Camp Rhino.  This was the day after I announced that Northside Baptist […]

$1500 from Pembroke, GA

Yesterday, Luke and I drove about 4 hours over to the small town of Pembroke, Ga to report back to one of our supporting churches.  Pastor Spencer and the great folks of Northside Baptist Church have been faithful partners in the ministry from early on in our deputation.  It was great hearing about the new […]

Check out the Initial Design for Camp Rhino

Now that we have passed the $50,000 mark in our fundraising goal (only $50,000 more to go:)), I wanted to give you a glimpse of what the future Camp Rhino site will look like.  Below is the initial design for the camp based on the first 5-year plan.  Once we actually buy property, we’ll have a […]

American Children Reaching South African Children

🎶 🎶 I’m glaaad to be here at Vacation Bible School….Vacation Bible School… Vacation Bible School. 🎶 🎶 It’s about that time of the year when VBS starts up all over the country. This is turning out to be a special time for Camp Rhino.  Many churches announced they plan to donate their VBS offering to help purchase […]

We’ve Passed the $30,000 Mark

I’m excited to announce this past week we passed the $30,000 mark for Camp Rhino.   God continues to bless and people continue to get involved. On top of passing the $30,000 on Sunday,  yesterday, I received notice that a business in Marietta, GA sent in $500 to help. I’m looking forward to see what will […]

Meet Robby Rhino

This past weekend we ended the month at Community Baptist Church in Curwensville, PA with Pastor Todd Hogue and his great family.  It was an honor to be a part of their missions conference this year.  Community Baptist Church has been supporting our family since 2012. On Sunday evening of the conference, the church took […]