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The Coffeys are currently in language school learning the Xhosa language. The served for two terms in Peru, South America before returning to the States in 2005 to help plant Vision Baptist Church.

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Christmas Camp Coming Soon

Our 3rd Annual Teen Camp is not very far off.  Each year during the first part of December our team host a teen camp in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, which is about 45 minutes outside of Port Elizabeth where we live.  We hope this will be our last camp at a rented facility before we’re […]

Big Check for Camp Rhino

Back in January, a supporting pastor and good personal friend reached out to me about helping with Camp Rhino.  Pastor Aaron Smith and the folks at Crossroads Baptist Church in Mobile, AL committed to giving $2500 to purchase property to help start Camp Rhino.  Their plan was to take up a change offering from then […]

October 2017 Coffey Family Prayer Letter

Prayer Request The sell of our house-  When we left for the field the first time, we weren’t able to sell our house.  With the improvements in the market, we are hoping to sell it and at least clear $30,000.  Our plan is to use the money we clear toward the purchase of our camp […]

Camp Rhino and our Christmas Camp

Another $3000 came in within the last week and a half for Camp Rhino.  The total is now over $85,000.  I believe we will meet and beat our goal of $100,000.  Thank you all for praying and giving.  I want to say a special thanks to Oakland Heights Baptist Church in Cartersville, GA and Fellowship […]

Visas are in Hand

As we’ve mentioned in previous updates, we were a little concerned about obtaining visas for our children.  Amy and I have our visas that are good until July 2019, but our children’s visas were already expired.  Last week, thankfully, our kids visas were approved and sitting in our mailbox when we arrived back from our […]

New Total for Camp Rhino – Over $80,000 Now

This past week my family was privileged to be a part of Worth Baptist Church’s missions conference in Fort Worth, TX.  Pastor Tyler Gillit, his staff, and church people put on a spectacular conference.  The Saturday night Foreign Food Festival was unbelievable.  I’ve never seen so much involvement in a dinner like that, and I’ve […]

Just shy of $79,000 for Camp Rhino

First Baptist Church of Judson, TX and Pastor Tim Smith recently decided to partner with our family.  It’s always an honor when a church chooses our family to be their representatives in South Africa. First Baptist also surprised us this month by sending an extra $1500 for Camp Rhino. With this great offering our total […]

One more $1000 from Dundalk, MD

On Sunday, August 27th, I dropped into Calvary Baptist Church in Dundalk, MD to visit Pastor Stacey Shiflett and his family.  It had been many years since I saw the Shiflett’s.  It was through him that I made my first visit to South Africa back in 2003.  I don’t believe I would be a missionary […]

To Washington D.C. and Back Again

This past weekend, Luke and I flew up to Washington, D.C. to be at two meetings in the Baltimore, MD area.  On Sunday morning, it was great seeing Pastor Stacey Shiflett, his family, and people at Calvary Baptist Church.  During the Sunday PM service I was privileged to report back to Pastor Scott Tewell and […]

Kentucky & Missouri

Today and tomorrow, I am traveling with my son Luke to present our ministry to a church in Gilbertsville, KY and then to report back to a supporting church in Poplar Bluff, MO.  Following the evening service in Poplar Bluff, we will head back to Georgia in order to escape the Monday eclipse travelers.   […]