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The Coffeys are currently in language school learning the Xhosa language. The served for two terms in Peru, South America before returning to the States in 2005 to help plant Vision Baptist Church.

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Because of my lack of talent and ability with music, our church hasn’t really excelled in that area.  Since we are a very young ministry we don’t have a supply of people who can play instruments, lead groups, and/or lead congregations.  This is an area I know we have to improve in. Recently, a man […]

New Church at Kwadwesi Extension

Across the valley of our current church New Life Baptist Church, is an area called Kwadwesi Extension.  This is a much denser populated area then where we are now, and also where several of our people are from. Pastor Sipho has been holding midweek services there even before we arrived back to South Africa.  The […]

Coffey Family January 2018 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests The sell of our house in the US-  It goes on the market this coming month. Our plan is to use the money toward the purchase of our camp property.     Property search- We have begun looking for the right property to start Camp Rhino.  Pray we pick well.   Our oldest […]

Departing with $100,000 and much much more

As we get ready to leave for the airport today, I wanted to send you our last update before we head back to South Africa. Two weeks before our goal date, December 31, 2017, we crossed the $100,000 mark that we were trying to reach for Camp Rhino.  As many of you know, this was […]

Coffey Family December 2017 Prayer Letter

Quick Updates & Reminders: January 10th is our departure date for South Africa.  We are looking very forward to getting back to the field.  7 Young people were saved at this year’s camp, our last we hope at a rented facility. We completed our first two children’s books that teach missions principles and features Camp […]

Almost to $95,000

This past week while in North Carolina, we had two of our supporting churches give a total of $1470 towards Camp Rhino.  With the new addition we now have $94, 691.74 towards our $100,000 goal.  Wow, so close! I’m, thrilled to know we are nearing our goal. Will you pray about helping us get the […]

Christmas Camp Coming Soon

Our 3rd Annual Teen Camp is not very far off.  Each year during the first part of December our team host a teen camp in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, which is about 45 minutes outside of Port Elizabeth where we live.  We hope this will be our last camp at a rented facility before we’re […]

Big Check for Camp Rhino

Back in January, a supporting pastor and good personal friend reached out to me about helping with Camp Rhino.  Pastor Aaron Smith and the folks at Crossroads Baptist Church in Mobile, AL committed to giving $2500 to purchase property to help start Camp Rhino.  Their plan was to take up a change offering from then […]

October 2017 Coffey Family Prayer Letter

Prayer Request The sell of our house-  When we left for the field the first time, we weren’t able to sell our house.  With the improvements in the market, we are hoping to sell it and at least clear $30,000.  Our plan is to use the money we clear toward the purchase of our camp […]

Camp Rhino and our Christmas Camp

Another $3000 came in within the last week and a half for Camp Rhino.  The total is now over $85,000.  I believe we will meet and beat our goal of $100,000.  Thank you all for praying and giving.  I want to say a special thanks to Oakland Heights Baptist Church in Cartersville, GA and Fellowship […]