Coffey Family March 2017 Prayer Letter

Prayer Request

  • New Life Baptist Church in Kwadwesi & Pastor Sipho Bonga and his wife Zukhanya.  Pray that God will continue to bless them and the church while our family is traveling here in the States. 
  • Bible Institutes- Missionary Kevin Hall is leading the Bible institutes in 3 of the churches in PE.  Pray for him and the students as they are trained in the word of God.
  • Children Books- We are currently in the planing stages for a children book series  that will promote Biblical principles dealing with world missions with an African safari theme.
  • More Laborers- As I travel I’m praying the Lord would lead many others to work with us in Southern Africa.  The need is great and the need for workers is real. 


I remember growing up and attending summer camp almost every year from the time I was 12 years old.  Even after getting out of high school, I still attended camp as a worker. 

The thoughts of starting our own camp next year brings a lot of those great memories back.  I remember the fun times I had, the friends I met, and the powerful preaching that pointed me closer to Christ. 

Summer camp plays a big part in the life of the average church youth group in America.  It’s a time to unplug from the things of the world, and hopefully be more connected to the things of God.  Many decisions for Christ have been made around a camp alter or camp fire. 

With Camp Rhino, our hopes are that young people in South Africa will have those same opportunities and even more.  Camp Rhino will be a refuge to South African youth who have little spiritual encouragement by their surroundings and community. 

Currently, we are on pace to raise the $100,000  we need to purchase property for the camp.  Please continue to pray the funds to come in.  Soon we’ll be back in South Africa reaching more with the Gospel of Christ.

Would you like to invest in the future of Camp Rhino?

Possible Breakdown of Church Sponsors for a one-time donation between now & December.

  • $8333- 9 Sponsors
  • $4,166- 18 Sponsors
  • $2083- 36 Sponsors
  • $1041- 72 Sponsors

Maybe the Lord would have you commit to raising one of these amounts before the end of 2017.  Let me know if you want to sign up to be one of our camp sponsors.   

Camp Rhino Update

The reception for Camp Rhino has been outstanding.  Every place we go people are excited about the possibilities of a camp and training center ministry in South Africa.  The desire from others to be involved has been, honestly, a little surprising.  People are contemplating how they can be involved not just financially, but actually a working part of promoting the camp here stateside and being involved on site in South Africa when we get started.

Just to keep you updated, we had over $3000 given in the last week and a half for the camp.  The church we were in this past week gave many personal donations and also a $1000 gift to the camp.  Since our last update, over $8000 has come in with even more being committed before we leave.  In total we have a little over $18,000 in hand, and $23,000 committed.

Here is a short clip of one of the kids giving a testimony about our first week of camp at a rented facility.     We are anxious to hear more precious testimonies like this one, once we have our own property to start Camp Rhino.