Visas are in Hand

As we’ve mentioned in previous updates, we were a little concerned about obtaining visas for our children.  Amy and I have our visas that are good until July 2019, but our children’s visas were already expired.  Last week, thankfully, our kids visas were approved and sitting in our mailbox when we arrived back from our trip to Texas.

Missionaries working and/or going to South Africa are facing visa problems that we have never faced before.  It’s always been fairly easy to get a visa to do ministry in South Africa.  This year has been a bit different.   Changes in the visa process have created a lot of stress and uneasiness when it comes to getting permission to work in South Africa.

We aren’t sure how the visa process will be after July 2019, but we are praying some things get worked out so it won’t be a problem for missionaries to stay long term.  We are hoping even through Camp Rhino, we can create a way for missionaries to obtain 5 year work visas.  From a 5 year work visa, missionaries would then be qualified for permanent residency.

With all our visas in hand, we are officially buying our plane tickets for January 10th, and are looking very forward to getting back.

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