Update June 14-21 New Website

We have a new website!

We will no longer be using www.sullivansinsouthafrica.weebly.com. We can now be found at projectsouthafrica.com.

Please forgive me for not posting in a while. With the new update to the website it took us awhile to get ready to post. Much thanks goes to Trent Cornell for setting up our new site!

Pastor Sipho and I have started a youth night which occurs every Friday night. It is an hour-long and we will play games and fellowship for half an hour and then I will preach for half an hour. The kids really seemed to enjoy it the first week and we had about 10. This past Friday the Lord blessed and we had 25 kids from the township come! I am preaching on “The Whats of Christianity” This past week I taught on “What is a Christian?” and I preached the gospel. There were 3 teens who had questions about salvation and three people made professions this past Sunday.   Pastor Sipho will preach this week.

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to preach at New Life Baptist Church. This is the church we will be attending and serving in for this internship period and I am the youth pastor. Please also pray for Wells Baptist Church , which is in the Wells township and Madiba Bay Baptist Church, which is in the Kwazakheli Township.

There is nothing better in this World than to serve God. It is our reasonable service and i cant think of anything else I would rather do with my life.

Please help us pray for:

– That we can get our visas extended

– We can continue to progress in language school.

– Salvation in our youth class

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