To Washington D.C. and Back Again

This past weekend, Luke and I flew up to Washington, D.C. to be at two meetings in the Baltimore, MD area.  On Sunday morning, it was great seeing Pastor Stacey Shiflett, his family, and people at Calvary Baptist Church.  During the Sunday PM service I was privileged to report back to Pastor Scott Tewell and the folks at Rosedale Baptist Church. We returned back to Georgia on Monday afternoon, and Monday evening we received some unexpected mail.  Our children’s passports that we applied for less than two weeks before, surprisingly arrived.  We were expecting it to take 4-6 weeks.  We needed the renewed passports so we could renew our kids’ South Africa Visas.

After flying up to D.C. for the weekend and finding out we now have all the passports, we jumped in the car Tuesday, and drove straight back to D.C. and arrived at midnight. Wednesday morning at the South African Embassy was a little challenging, but by Thursday, everything was worked out.  The applications for our kids visas were accepted. Please pray they will be approved and returned to us ASAP.  Several South Africa missionaries have faced problems getting their visas renewed in the last few months.  Since Amy and I already have our visas we don’t anticipate any problems, but we definitely still need your prayers.

We did have an added bonus, on Wednesday evening we were able to visit Crossroads Baptist Church and hear Pastor Kenny Baldwin preach.  Pastor Baldwin is someone our team of young preachers in South Africa respect very much.  They were a bit jealous finding out I was in his church for their Wednesday evening service:)


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