The Coffey Family September 2016 Prayer Letter

Prayer Request

  • For more souls to be saved
  • Visa Renewals for my Children- All visas have been resubmitted and we’re hoping they will be granted without a problem.
  • Pray especially for my daughter Addi’s visa.  We were told by her primary school that if it’s not received, she will be dismissed from the school. 
  • Wisdom in going forward with our idea to start a Camp & Retreat Center
  • My son Chase’s knee is still not well and it looks like it will require surgery to heal.

6 people were baptized this month and one more is planning on getting baptized this coming Sunday at New Life Baptist Church.  Our discipleship meetings have been bearing fruit with souls saved and new believers growing in their faith.   

It’s been encouraging to see the growth in the church.  Last week during our celebration for Heritage Day we had a full house.  Our people took ownership of this special meeting and did a really great job getting the word out.   


With only two month left before we return to the states for furlough, there is much to do.  Please pray the church continues maturing and pray for Pastor Sipho Bonga as he will be taking on all responsibilities without me. 

In the next couple of weeks we are hoping to start a new Bible study in a different part of our area where a new church is needed.  For now, we only plan to have two meetings there a week, but we believe we’ll have a church going there very soon.  Also an older man who was recently saved is wanting us to use his house to start Bible studies so he can invite his friends and neighbors. Those meetings start this Saturday so please pray we see folks saved.

More Highlights

  • Our plan is to start furlough in December.  If you’re interested in having us report back or present our ministry, please let me know. 
  • 2 saved and 6 baptized this past month
  • Our Generation 2016 Summit is taking place at Lake Lanier Islands in North Georgia December 29th-31st.  We look forward to seeing you there if you can make it.  Sign up now. 


  • Meetings in New Churches during our furlough in 2017

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