November 2016 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Friends,

I had the privilege to marry our first couple at Soweto Baptist Church last weekend. Milisa (formerly known as Bulelwa) and Mxolisi were both baptized at our church this year. Milisa was already  saved when she began attending our church and Mxolisi was saved several months back. The ceremony took place at our church. It was a traditional Xhosa wedding (which means they worn their traditional attire), and there was a packed house, all of which heard the gospel. 

Our first semester of Bible Institute is coming to an end. The 13 students who have been faithfully attending just finished their first of three final exams. All seem to be thoroughly enjoying their studies and progressing in their understanding of the scriptures.

There are many things on the calendar:

  • “Project 7” outreach will begin this month at Soweto Baptist Church: 7 invitations, 7 days, 7 people. This will be used to encourage our people to get involved in personal evangelism. A pack of 7 of our new gospel tracts will be handed out weekly, and our people will be reminded and encouraged to pray daily for one opportunity to share a gospel tract and witness to one lost person.
  • December 1-4 will be our first missions conference. Pastor Tony Howeth will be coming from the states to preach this meeting.
  • December 11 we will have another special baptism service. There are several who have made professions of faith who will follow the Lord in believer’s baptism.
  • December 12-16 is our 2nd annual BFWE Youth Camp. If you are interested in helping send a camper to camp the cost is $35 per camper (expecting 100+/- campers).  Most of these campers will come from very underprivileged homes with no means of payment. We are allowing them to work and earn their own way. We are expecting our total costs to be around $3,500.00.
  • Our house will soon be full as Missionary Mark Coffey and his family will be staying with us for a couple of weeks before leaving for furlough on December 3rd. If you are needing a good missionary to speak at your church he will be available (
  • Continue to pray for the Jason King family who will be joining our team here South Africa. They have purchased their tickets and will be leaving the states on February 28th. Pray that their remaining funds will come in before departure.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. We hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Jeremy and Rebekah Hall

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