November 2014 Update

Dear Pastor and Friends,

Rebekah and I want to being by wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! God is good and we are blessed to have friends like you!

Language Update:

November marks our 10th month in language school. We knew coming into this that it was going to be a long, difficult process. It has not disappointed us in either of those ways. We are still making steady progress (though many days it doesn’t feel like it) and slowly getting involved in more ministries. Please pray with us that we stay focused and do the work necessary to speak well. The Gospel deserves men who can clearly proclaim it.    

Work Days:

This past week a few of us built an additional shed roof on to Wells Estate Baptist Church. The area is small, maybe 150 square feet. But, it will be a tremendous help as it will give a place for the children to meet in the shade, which will free up space inside the building for the adults. The church is still waiting to obtain a permanent property. This is something they desperately need since their pastor, Tamsanqa Olifante, is doing such an incredible job filling up what they already have. God is blessing there and many souls are being saved!

At the church we are currently attending, Madiba Bay, there was also a work day last week (and several more in the near future). There were 15 men, and several women, who showed up to donate their Saturday to help beautify the property. It was awesome to work along side of these men and have another opportunity to get to know them better, and practice the language a little more. Kevin has many things planned for this church that we will be telling you more about in future updates.

Special Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Stephen Underwood and family. Stephen is a member of our Project South Africa team who has recently suffered the sudden loss of his father. It was very unexpected, as he was only 55 years old.
  • We had the opportunity to have our field director down for a visit, Bro. Keith Shumaker. He was a tremendous blessing to the churches, and to my family, while he shared God’s word and his own personal experiences in his ministry in Burkina Faso. Please remember him and his family in your prayers as I’m sure you have heard of the turmoil that he returned home to in the news.
  • We are still in need of $10,000 for the building in Kwadwesi. They have begun to move dirt and we are wanting to begin to build soon. Hopefully, by this time next year, you will be reading updates about how God is blessing Pastor Sipho Bonga there, like he is blessing at Wells Estate.

Again we want to thank you for your participation in our ministry through prayers and giving. We are so blessed!


Jeremy and Rebekah Hall

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