June 2017 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Friend, 

Mother’s Day at Soweto Baptist Church was great. There were 31 mamas present, 15 of which were first time visitors. One of them, Mama Thandiswa, made a profession of faith. Three of visiting mamas have faithfully attended our services since that special day. Thank you to all who prayed! 

On the 27th of last month, we had our first Preacher’s Fellowship. There were more than 25 men who came from the churches here in Port Elizabeth who are being prepared to share the Word. We had an awesome time of fellowship and training. God is raising up a generation of laborers who are committed to faithfully proclaiming the Gospel. 

Bekah and I celebrated 9 years of marriage on the 30th of May. Many talk about how good their wives are, but mine has demonstrated it over and over again through the years. She has followed me to 3 countries, learned 2 languages, birthed 5 kids, and helped start 2 churches; and done all of that while putting up with me. I am a blessed man! 

Please continue to pray for several families on our team who are trying to obtain the papers necessary to work here in South Africa. The Kings, the Bergeys, and the Coffeys, all are having serious issues getting their visas approved. The system here has changed and is not near as conducive for missionaries and volunteers to stay long term. This has already cost them thousands of dollars and much time. Please pray for wisdom and peace for these families as they face these issues. 

Other Prayer Requests:  

  • Friday, June 23 we will host a Youth Conference at Soweto Baptist Church. All of the churches established by Project South Africa Missionaries will be invited.
  • In just over two months, we will be taking a short 4 month furlough. Our calendar is almost completely full and we are excited to see many of you very soon. 
  • The OGTC Camp 2017, June 19th-23rd at Sand Mountain Bible Camp; This is for any high school / college age student interested in missions. This camp is where I surrendered my life to become a missionary in 2004. All campers will have exposure to young missionaries, missions training, plus all the fun and excitement expected in a summer camp. There will be over a dozen missionaries attending as keynote speakers and counselors. I highly recommend this event! 

Thanks again to all of you for your faithfulness to lift up our ministry in prayer, and for the financial support that allows us to do what we do. May God bless you richly for all that you do! 


Jeremy and Rebekah Hall

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