June 2015 Prayer Letter

First Pastor’s Retreat
Our first pastor’s retreat was hosted last month in a little town outside of PE, called Addo. It was a great success. Bekah and I were encouraged, as was I’m sure everyone who attended. Over the two days, Kevin, Mark and I (along with our wives) taught several classes to the young pastors and their wives, who attended; definitely something that will be repeated annually.

Trip to Cape Town:
Also last month, the whole family had to make a trip to Cape Town to renew our passports. Surprisingly, the kids handled the 17 hour drive exceptionally well. While we were there we had the opportunity to preach and teach at Lighthouse Baptist Church started by Missionary Larry Nelson. The believers there were very welcoming. During our stay they took our family in like their own.

Visitor in PE:
At present, we have veteran Missionary Randy Stirewalt visiting with us. He is here to help us organize and plan for future expansion of our ministry here in South Africa. His 37 years of experience church planting in Africa, along with the 260+ churches started from his ministry, gives him a wealth of knowledge to share. We are extremely blessed to have him.

Language Studies:
Though we have had to take a couple of weeks off from our language studies, we are still managing to progress some. We have continued assisting with teaching Sunday School and offering devotions at Madiba Bay BC as we have been available. Our classes will continue to be sporadic until the middle of next month due to visitors.

More Highlights and Prayer Requests:

  • There have been several people saved over the past few weeks at Madiba Bay Baptist Chruch. Two new guys you can begin to pray with us for are Songeza (14) and Mfundo (17). These are two very bright young men that we are expecting God to use.
  • Tomorrow we have a new intern family arriving, the Josh Sullivan family. They will be staying here with us for 6 months. Please pray for them as they adjust.
  • Rebekah and I celebrated our 7th anniversary on the 30th of May. You’ll have to go to my Facebook page to see what an awesome woman does for her husband on their anniversary.
  • Thank you to “The Baptist Men” of West Corinth Baptist Church for their generous donation to our building project. The flat is almost complete; we are only lacking $1300 to finish.

Thanks again for all you do!


Jeremy and Rebekah Hall

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