July 2015 Sullivans in South Africa

We are so thankful. Thankful to God for allowing us to serve him and Thankful to our supporters. We understand our reasonable service and we are amazed that God allows us to serve him. This past month has gone by so fast, and we are trying to soak up every minute!

Pastor Sipho and I have started a youth department at New Life Baptist Church which is in the KwaDwesi Township. I teach Sunday school every Sunday morning as well as a youth night every Friday night. We have had a high of 25 in our first month of youth night. We have seen many different faces over the last month and not many of the same people. Pastor Sipho and I have made it our goal to keep in touch with the many that have come and continue to build relationships with them.

As well as a Sunday school class, my wife and I have started language school. Learning any new language is a difficult task. You have to be humble, and keep a childlike attitude. Our language teacher, Lubabalo, is very encouraging and supportive. We can say our greetings and invite people to church as well as construct some very simple sentences. My daughter has even learned some simple words as well.
Mallorie has been able to begin preschool here. She is very excited and seems to be adjusting to the new culture faster than her parents are. Our son Avett, will turn 1 this month, we are so excited to be able to celebrate it with the team of missionaries here in Port Elizabeth.

Mark Coffey, Kevin Hall, Jeremy Hall and their wives have been a tremendous blessing to us and so valuable in our training this last month. They have taken us in as if we are their own family. Hannah Peabody, who travelled here with us, was able to stay a whole month and we saw her off this week as she went back home.
After one month here my wife and I are confident that God wants us to continue our mission in South Africa after our internship. I am starting to book meetings already for January 2016 and we hope to be back in SA by January 2018. We also have a new website that is different from our prayer card. It is now www.sullivansinsouthafrica.com. Please help us continue to pray for:

• Growth in our language ability
• Steady growth in the youth Sunday school
• Our visas to be extended so we can stay all six months without exiting the country
• A few young men that I can begin to disciple
• My family as we continue to assimilate to the culture
• Wells Baptist in Wells. Madiba Bay Baptist in Kwazakhele and New Life Baptist in Kwazakele
• Churches to partner with us.

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