January 2015 Coffey Family Prayer Letter

The quote for building materials for all the walls on the first floor of New Life Baptist Church comes out to 48,790 rand which is about $4,435.  This will be the cost once we have the foundation completed, which will include a single garage-size basement. 

For months, I have been mentioning this church, and our desire to start building as soon as possible.  The day to start building has come and gone.  The footers and most of the foundation wall is complete.  The wait is over. 


This will be the first church for me to pastor here in South Africa.  Pray for me and Pastor Sipho Bonga as we work to start this church in the coming weeks.  Originally, Pastor Sipho was going to start this church on his own, but for now he wants to come on as my helper to give his family a little time to adjust.  As time goes on, and I’m able to be be involved in more church plants, we plan for Sipho’s role to change quite a bit. 

The foundation, unfortunately, is costing more than we originally planned because of the layout of the land.  We don’t have the final number for the first floor, but it looks like it will be closer to $15,000 to have everything roughed in.  This is close to $7000 more than we had initially planned.  More details to come. 

Prayer Request

  • Amy and I as we continue learning the Xhosa language. 
  • The building of New Life Baptist- We are hoping to have all the building quotes by next week for the first floor.   
  • Possible church plant in 2015- East London, South Africa- popultation over 700,000.  One of the pastors on our team moved there this past month. 


  • $4,435 – Materials for the first floor walls 
  • Approx. $2500-Finishing the foundation
  • Electricity hook-up will be around $600.

More Highlights

  • It was great having Amy’s parents here for 2 weeks.  My father-in-law, Pastor Wayne Cofield, preached or taught 18 times during his stay.  I don’t think you could call this his vacation.
  • 6 Saved at the first Soccer outreach day. 
  • 6 Saved at the last men’s meeting at Wells Estates. 
  • We had our first pastor’s fellowship where Pastor Cofield focused on the faith of Moses.  It was a great start to our monthly meetings. 

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