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On Sunday morning I was getting ready for to celebrate Resurrection Sunday at Madiba Bay Baptist Church in Port Elizabeth.  After a phone call from my mom, everything I had planned for the week changed a bit.  My grandmother had passed away, and I began looking for flights back to the states.  Our family was able to make it to the morning service and at 2:45pm South Africa time I was on a plane with my cousin Kevin headed for Johannesburg.  By 6:45am Monday morning (est), we were in the Atlanta airport.

On Tuesday, Kevin and I were privileged to conduct the funeral service for my grandmother Sue Webb.  We both had the opportunity to share the Gospel with many lost family members.  Please continue to pray that the seed of the Gospel will take root in their hearts and they come to Christ.

We will be in the states until May 6th.  We are staying a couple of weeks so we could schedule some meetings and try to recuperate some of the expenses of the trip.  The Lord has blessed and about half of our expenses have been covered so far.

Please continue to pray for my family who are still dealing with the loss of my grandmother.

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