February 2021 Coffey Family Prayer Letter

While traveling through much of South Africa that I’ve never visited before on our way to Mozambique, I’m reminded the need for the Gospel of Christ is great in places we didn’t even know about.  

We are on our way to Maputo, the capitol of Mozambique.  We know of very little work being done in this large country.  Will you pray that more men will be raised up to reach these needed cities and countries.  

As we travel, Bay Baptist College has resumed classes on the Campus of Camp Rhino.  We currently have 2 new students for the new semeseter, and may possibly add 2 or 3 more within the next week.  Pray for these young men as they train and pray we are able to see many more added. 

I will be traveling alone back to the States at the end of March to teach at the annual orientation for our board, Vision Baptist Missions. This is part of my responsibilities as the Africa Director for VBM.  I’m looking very forward to spending time with our new young missionaries.   God has blessed and more couples who want to be a part of world evangelism.

5 Saved at Nkandla Baptist Church

Prayer Request & Praise

  • Pray for my friend Mario Genada in Zambia and the 65 plus pastors he has trained and is working with.  Many have just planted their corn in the villages and they must wait for the harvest.  The little harvest they had from last year is already exhausted.  Covid 19 has caused many of their people to be out of work which means little is coming in for the Pastors to provide for their families.  If you would like to give to help them through these next few months please let me know.    
  • 49 saved during Junior and Teen Camps in January, with 2 teenagers getting saved at Camp Rhino the following Sunday after teen camp.    
  • 5 Young people trusted Christ at Nkandla Baptist Church this past week.  Pray for Pastor Khona as he disciples these new converts.
Zambian Pastors receiving food to help their families

Quick Updates

  • Noah & Tristan Wilkerson are in the last month of their internship here.  Pray as we take a quick trip to Mozambique for a survey trip.  Noah has been praying about being a missionary there for quite some time.  We’re actually at the border now waiting for their system to come back online so we can get a visa to cross.
  • This past week Noah and I took a 2-day survey trip to the city of Durban, South Africa. It’s the 3rd largest city here in South Africa with almost 4 million people and there are only a few Bible-preaching churches.  The need is great. 
  • Churches have started back full time, and we hope restrictions are over.  We enjoyed the joint services we held at Camp Rhino but are glad we can get back to regular church services.
Noah & Tristan Wilkerson at the Mozambique Border

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