Coffey Update After Trip To Thailand

This past week my oldest son Tyler and I were able to make a trip to Bangkok, Thailand to visit missionaries Phillip and Lori Bassham, and also see my Pastor and his wife, Bro. Austin and Mrs. Betty, as they were visiting there as well.

I jokingly told Tyler that if he’s not going to be a missionary to South Africa, it would be good if he could pick Thailand or India to work in, because the plane tickets are so inexpensive from South Africa.  This was Tyler’s Senior Missions trip.  He graduates High School in December and will begin training for missions at the Our Generation Training Center in January.  My goal is to take each of my children on mission trips before they leave the house, and this was a great last minute opportunity for the both of us.

I was hoping to have Tyler return after college to work with us in South Africa, but it looks like the Lord may be leading him to Thailand.  Truthfully after seeing the need and lack of laborers, there’s a part of me that would love to work in Thailand as well.  Please pray for Tyler as he goes in the direction of being a missionary to Thailand.

We had a tremendous trip with the Bassham’s and was able to glean a ton from our pastor’s wisdom as he tried to help Phillip make decisions for future ministry in Bangkok.

During our stay, we were able to help with the English classes the Bassham’s were having at their new church, as a way to make contacts.  We were there for three of their evening classes and made some good friends.  I had 3 people I met in class come to church Sunday morning for their first time.  I’m not sure, but I would imagine it was the first time they ever heard the Gospel.   Please pray for their salvation.

Please pray for more laborers for Thailand.  Pray that even from South Africa, our team of pastors and missionaries can make an impact in that great country.


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