Coffey Family July 2021 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests & Praise

  • Please pray for all of our churches.  South Africa went back in another lock down where no public gatherings of any kind were allowed for the past month or so.  Instead of canceling all our services, our churches met “underground” at least once a week, but thankfully we are able to start back with our normal services this coming week.
  • Because of the lockdown we canceled our winter teen and junior camps, but still plan to proceed with our Young Single’s Retreat.  We are expecting a good bit more young people than we had for our last singles retreat.  Please pray for hearts to be changed.  We have young guys who are still faithful to church from our last singles event at Camp Rhino.  We are really praying some of these young guys will commit to preach.    

Quick Updates

  • Construction is progressing rapidly on the building for Bay Baptist Bible College.  $25,000 was given for the first building, and we will need about that same amount for each of the following 5 buildings.   
  • Money has been given to cover the cost of 20 of the 40 beds and mattresses we need for Camp Rhino.  Each set of bunk beds is close to $300, which leaves us in need of about $2000 for the remaining beds.        
  • My son Chase and his fiancée Ashley, who marry on October 11th, announced their call as missionaries to South Africa.  We look very forward to having them here in South Africa.  Please pray they can get their support as quickly as possible.   Also please have them in your church to present their ministry if possible.  You can email him at:

I shamelessly work at getting people to visit the mission field.  God used my first mission trip to change my life forever.  I want people to be able to experience the same kinds of things I faced that challenged my way of thinking and living.

This past month we had a group that was here for two weeks.  After a day packed with 4 services on Sunday, we took 3 of the guys out for a full-fledged African Safari Hunt where they were able to kill an impala and 2 kudu deer.  The meat from this hunt was donated to Camp Rhino.  Not only were they able to have one of the best hunting experiences of their lives, but they were also able to help feed the kids at our camp for at least the next 3 months. 

Meat from the Kudus that were hunted

If you’re interested in missions and interested in going on a Safari hunt to help Camp Rhino, please let me know.  We would love to have you. I can promise you it will be a trip you will never forget filled with lots of ministries and a little bit of Safari adventure.      

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